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Early Academic Pursuits:

The academic journey of the individual is marked by significant achievements, including a PhD from Aix-Marseille University, France, with a specialty in Particle Physics, Mathematical Physics, and Modeling. Additionally, a Diploma of Advanced Studies (MS2) from the same university focused on Plasma Fusion and Radiation Astrophysics. The foundational education includes both MS and BS degrees in Physics.

Professional Endeavors:

Currently holding the position of Visiting Professor at the Quantum-Atom Optics Laboratory and Research Center for Quantum Technology, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, the individual is actively involved in teaching and research. The teaching portfolio spans various physics and mathematics courses, showcasing a breadth of expertise. Moreover, proficiency in multiple programming languages and computer applications reflects a versatile skill set.

Contributions and Research Focus:

The research interests cover a wide array of topics ranging from Geometrical Dynamics, Quantum Dynamics, and Nonlinearity to Fractal Dynamics, General Relativity and Gravitation, and Quantum Field Theory. The individual has made substantial contributions to these fields, evident from being recognized among the Top 2% Scientists for 2022 and 2023. Additionally, serving as a reviewer for over 150 journals and engaging in editorial board membership for more than 25 journals signifies a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

Accolades and Recognition:

Recognition as a top scientist and the substantial role as a reviewer and editorial board member underscore the individual's standing in the global scientific community. The honors received for consecutive years emphasize consistent and impactful contributions to the field.

Impact and Influence:

The impact is reflected not only in the extensive list of conferences, meetings, and scientific events where the individual has been an invited researcher and speaker but also in the diverse range of research interests. This suggests a broad influence on multiple scientific domains, both theoretically and experimentally.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

The legacy is one of a versatile scientist, making significant contributions to various disciplines within physics. The future contributions are likely to follow a trajectory of continued excellence in research, teaching, and service to the scientific community. The individual's diverse interests and active participation in international events position them as a valuable asset to the ongoing advancement of scientific knowledge.

Notable Publication:

Extended Ginzburg-Landau theory of superconductivity from generalized momentum operator and position-dependent mass  February 2024

Rami Ahmad El-Nabulsi | Superconductivity | Editorial Board Member

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