Dr. Michelle Melgarejo da Rosa | Neurosciencee | Best Researcher Award 

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco | Brazil 

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Early Academic Pursuits

Michelle Melgarejo da Rosa's academic journey began with her undergraduate studies in Pharmacy at UFSM, Brazil, where she engaged as a trainee in neuroscience research under the guidance of Dr. Maribel Rubin. Her Master's thesis at UFSM focused on the influence of glutamatergic and opioid systems in fear memory, utilizing various animal models and behavioral assays.

Professional Endeavors

Continuing her academic pursuit, Michelle pursued her Ph.D. at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg, Germany. Under the supervision of Dr. Michael Kreutz, she delved into investigating the role of signaling molecules in synaptic plasticity and homeostatic synaptic plasticity. Her research involved a diverse array of methodologies ranging from western blot and PCR to high-resolution confocal microscopy.

Contributions and Research Focus

Michelle's research primarily revolves around the intricate interplay of neuroactive molecules in memory, cognition, and emotional disorders. Her work spans from elucidating the mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity to understanding the neural circuits implicated in anxiety, depression, and reward processing. Notably, her postdoctoral experiences at McGovern Medical School and the German Cancer Research Center have further enriched her expertise in these areas.

Impact and Influence

Michelle's contributions to the field of neuroscience have been substantial, evident from her mentorship of numerous students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Her involvement in teaching, research supervision, and editorial roles in scientific journals like PLOS One underscores her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering the next generation of researchers.

Academic Citations

Throughout her academic journey, Michelle has garnered recognition for her research, reflected in her publication record and contributions to scientific literature. Her work has likely been cited in various contexts, contributing to the broader academic discourse on neurobiology, synaptic plasticity, and emotional disorders.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As an early-stage investigator and assistant professor at UFPE, Michelle continues to make strides in her research while actively engaging in teaching and mentoring. Her interdisciplinary approach to neuroscience, coupled with her international research experiences, positions her as a key figure in advancing our understanding of the neurobiological basis of cognition and emotional regulation. Michelle's future contributions hold the promise of further unraveling the complexities of the brain and paving the way for novel therapeutic interventions in neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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Michelle Melgarejo da Rosa | Neurosciencee | Best Researcher Award 

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