Dr. Yongfu Liang | fluorescence | Best Researcher Award 

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry | China



Yongfu Liang's academic journey began in Henan Province, China, where he developed a strong foundation in material sciences. He completed his B.Sc. graduation thesis on "Research on Circularly Polarized Beam Splitter" under the supervision of Prof. Guancheng Sun. This early research laid the groundwork for his interest in optical materials and their applications. He furthered his studies with a Master’s and Ph.D. thesis titled "Pressure-Regulated Crystal Structure and Photoelectric Properties of Typical Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites," supervised by Prof. Tian Cui and Prof. Xiaoli Huang. This work significantly contributed to the understanding of material properties under varying pressure conditions, emphasizing their electronic and photoelectric characteristics.


Currently, Yongfu Liang is affiliated with Zhengzhou University of Light Industry in Henan, China. His role at the university involves both teaching and conducting advanced research in materials science. He has developed extensive experimental skills, particularly in ultra-low temperature technologies using Diamond Anvil Cells (DAC). His expertise includes four-electrode resistance and superconductivity measurements, as well as gas liquefaction packaging technology in DAC. These skills are crucial for exploring materials in extreme environments, enhancing the understanding of their electronic properties and phase transformations.


Yongfu Liang's research focuses on the properties of materials under high-pressure conditions and extreme environments. His work involves using a variety of high-pressure experimental techniques with in-house facilities, such as Raman spectroscopy, infrared absorption and reflection spectra, UV-visible absorption spectrum, X-ray diffraction, and impedance measurement. These techniques allow for detailed analysis of materials, contributing to advancements in fluorescence studies. His research has practical implications for the development of new materials with unique electronic and optical properties.


Yongfu Liang’s research has significantly impacted the field of materials science, particularly in the study of fluorescence. His innovative use of high-pressure techniques has led to a deeper understanding of material behaviors in extreme environments. This knowledge is essential for the development of advanced materials for electronic and photonic applications. His contributions have been recognized through numerous citations, reflecting the influence and importance of his work in the scientific community.


The academic community has recognized Yongfu Liang’s contributions through extensive citations. His publications in high-impact journals and conference presentations highlight the relevance and significance of his research on fluorescence and other material properties. These citations underscore his influence in advancing the understanding of how materials behave under extreme conditions.


Yongfu Liang’s legacy in materials science is marked by his innovative research and comprehensive understanding of materials under extreme conditions. His future contributions are expected to further explore the intersection of high-pressure environments and material properties, particularly focusing on fluorescence. His work promises to drive advancements in electronic materials, phase transformations, and structure refinement, continuing to impact both academic research and practical applications in the field.


Throughout his career, Yongfu Liang has significantly contributed to the field of fluorescence. His research has provided new insights into the behavior of materials under high-pressure conditions, revealing unique electronic and optical properties. By employing advanced experimental techniques and scientific programming tools such as Origin, GSAS, Zview, RefFIT, Vesta, and Material Studio, he has been able to conduct detailed and impactful studies. His dedication to understanding fluorescence in materials has positioned him as a key figure in this area of research, promising continued advancements and discoveries.


Yongfu Liang | fluorescence | Best Researcher Award 

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