Dr. Yuanhao Chang | Molecular insight in enhanced oil recovery | Young Scientist Award

University of Regina | Canada


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Early Academic Pursuits:

Yuanhao Chang embarked on an academic journey that began with a Bachelor's in Petroleum Engineering from Southwest Petroleum University (2011-2015). This laid the foundation for a Master's in Oil/Gas Development Engineering from China University of Petroleum, Beijing (2015-2018). Subsequently, he pursued a Ph.D. in Nanomechanical Lab at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2019-2023), focusing on wettability alteration and flow transport using engineered nanoparticles for petroleum applications.

Professional Endeavors:

Following academic pursuits, Yuanhao Chang ventured into the industry as a Management Trainee at Sinochem Holdings, China (2018-2019). Post that, he transitioned into a Ph.D. Cooperation Project at the Nanomechanical Lab, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, investigating anti-gas hydrate/ice surfaces (2020-2023). Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Regina, delving into the mechanistic pore-scale study of interactions among heavy oil, CO2, and formation brine.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Yuanhao Chang's contributions to research are significant, with a focus on diverse areas in petroleum engineering and nanomechanics. His Ph.D. project centered on understanding the atomistic behavior of nanoparticles in confined channels, wettability alteration, and the stability of Pickering emulsion. Additionally, his involvement in a cooperation project explored the adhesion strength between gas hydrate and surfaces, providing insights into deicing mechanisms at the nanoscale.

Accolades and Recognition:

While specific accolades and recognition aren't detailed, the positions held and the nature of research projects undertaken at esteemed institutions like the Norwegian University of Science and Technology reflect a level of recognition for Yuanhao Chang's expertise and contributions.

Impact and Influence:

Yuanhao Chang's impact is evident in his involvement in pioneering research projects, particularly in the fields of nanoparticle-enhanced oil recovery, multi-phase flow in porous media, and surface phenomena at the nanoscale. His current role as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Regina underscores his influence in the academic realm.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Having engaged in cutting-edge research projects and academic positions, Yuanhao Chang is positioned to leave a lasting legacy in the field of petroleum engineering and nanomechanics. His exploration of innovative strategies for enhanced oil recovery and understanding fundamental interactions at the nanoscale suggests future contributions that could shape the industry.

Notable Publication:

Displacement dynamics of trapped oil in rough channels driven by nanofluids  2022 (13)

Nanomechanical characteristics of trapped oil droplets with nanoparticles: A molecular dynamics simulation  2021 (15)

Atomistic insight into oil displacement on rough surface by Janus nanoparticles  2020 (10)

Unraveling Adhesion Strength between Gas Hydrate and Solid Surfaces   2021 (7)

An interfacial gas-enrichment strategy for mitigating hydrate adhesion and blockage  2023 (6)




Dr. Yuanhao Chang | Molecular insight in enhanced oil recovery | Young Scientist Award

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