Prof. Zhiqun Guo | Ocean Engineering | Best Researcher Award 

Sun Yat-sen University | China



Dr. Zhiqun Guo's academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Theory and Applied Mechanics from Peking University in 2006. He then earned a Master of Engineering in Intelligent Control System from Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2010. His pursuit of advanced knowledge culminated with a PhD in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Harbin Engineering University in 2017, under the supervision of Prof. Qingwei Ma. His doctoral research focused on developing novel 2.5D methods to efficiently predict the hydrodynamics of high-speed hovercraft and surface effect ships (SES), earning him the Excellent Doctoral Thesis award in the National Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Subject in 2019.


Dr. Guo's professional career includes significant contributions to both academia and industry. He began as an assistant teacher at Harbin Engineering University in 2006, advancing to lecturer in 2010, associate professor in 2018, and then joining Sun Yat-sen University as an associate professor in February 2021. His expertise lies in the hydrodynamics of ships and offshore structures, with a particular focus on SES and air cushion-assisted floating platforms. His work has led to the development of three novel 2.5D methods based on free surface Green's functions, significantly advancing the field of Ocean Engineering.


Dr. Guo's research interests center on the hydrodynamic behavior of ships and offshore structures. He has made significant strides in developing innovative methods to predict the performance of high-speed hovercraft and SES. His work includes the development of methods that account for the viscous dissipation effect of fluids and solve Dirichlet and Mixed boundary value problems. His research contributions are encapsulated in numerous publications and patents, including inventions related to air cushion-supported floating platforms and methods for predicting wet deck slamming on SES. His focus on Ocean Engineering has led to practical solutions for the maritime industry, enhancing the efficiency and safety of naval architectures.


Dr. Guo's work has had a profound impact on the field of Ocean Engineering. His research has influenced the design and operation of high-speed maritime vessels, contributing to advancements in both commercial and military applications. His innovative 2.5D methods are recognized for their efficiency and accuracy in predicting hydrodynamic performance, which has implications for the design of safer and more efficient ships. His contributions have earned him several prestigious awards and recognitions, underscoring his influence in the field.


Dr. Guo has made substantial academic contributions, as evidenced by his patents and numerous research projects funded by prestigious institutions like the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the National Key R&D Plan. His work on polar air cushion ice-breaking platforms and the dynamic characteristics of floating offshore wind turbines highlights his versatility and dedication to advancing Ocean Engineering. His contributions are widely cited in academic circles, reflecting the high regard in which his research is held.


Looking to the future, Dr. Guo aims to continue his groundbreaking work in Ocean Engineering. His legacy includes significant advancements in the hydrodynamic analysis of SES and air cushion-assisted platforms. He is poised to further influence the field through ongoing research and development, focusing on the efficiency and sustainability of marine and offshore structures. His future contributions are expected to drive innovations that will enhance maritime technology and environmental stewardship.


Throughout his career, Dr. Zhiqun Guo has dedicated himself to the advancement of Ocean Engineering. His research on the hydrodynamics of ships and offshore structures, particularly surface effect ships and air cushion platforms, has set new standards in the field. By integrating theoretical studies with practical applications, Dr. Guo has contributed to the development of more efficient and reliable marine technologies. His work continues to inspire future research and innovation in Ocean Engineering, ensuring safer and more sustainable maritime operations.



Zhiqun Guo | Ocean Engineering | Best Researcher Award 

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