Assist Prof Dr. Ngoc Bui | Molecular Physics | Best Researcher Award 

The University of Oklahoma | United States 



Ngoc Bui's academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Organic Chemistry, from Vietnam National University, HCMC University of Technology in 2005. Her undergraduate thesis focused on synthesizing alkyl ketene dimer, a sizing agent for the paper industry, from recycling the fatty portions of Bocourti catfish waste, under the guidance of Prof. Viet-Hoa Tran. She graduated magna cum laude equivalent. She then pursued a Master of Science degree in Textile Engineering at Chonnam National University, Republic of Korea, where she graduated summa cum laude equivalent in 2007. Her master's research, supervised by Prof. Kap-Seung Yang, was on porous carbon nanofibers as effective electrodes for supercapacitors. Bui completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut in 2013. Her dissertation, advised by Prof. Jeffrey McCutcheon, was titled “Nanofiber-supported Thin-film Composite Membrane Synthesis and Transport Model Improvement for Forward Osmosis.”


Dr. Bui's professional career includes postdoctoral fellowships at prestigious institutions. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Kuang-Jen Wu from November 2013 to May 2017. Following this, she worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Molecular Foundry, under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Urban, from December 2017 to December 2019. Since August 2020, Dr. Bui has been serving as an Assistant Professor at The University of Oklahoma, where she is affiliated with both the School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering and the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science.


Dr. Ngoc Bui’s research interests lie at the intersection of theoretical studies, materials synthesis, and in-situ characterization, particularly in understanding dynamical phenomena at electrolyte-solute-material heterophasic interfaces. Her specific interests include molecular recognition, guest-host interaction, stimuli-responsive adaptability, and the spatiotemporal behaviors of molecules in a multispecies system. She focuses on designing and preparing new materials for water reuse, resource recovery, and environmental remediation. Additionally, her work involves the characterization of membranes and materials under working conditions, as well as the development of synthetic strategies for functional membranes and electrodes. Throughout her career, her research has made significant contributions to the field of Molecular Physics, providing insights into molecular interactions and material behaviors at various interfaces.


  • Citations 3237
  • h-index 20
  • i10-index 21


Dr. Bui's work has had a profound impact on the fields of chemical engineering and material science, particularly in the development and characterization of advanced membranes and materials. Her research in Molecular Physics has enhanced the understanding of complex molecular dynamics and interactions, which is crucial for advancements in environmental remediation and resource recovery. Her contributions have been recognized through numerous awards, including the Excellence in Publication Award for Applied Science from Lawrence Livermore Lab and multiple Research & Creative Activity Awards from The University of Oklahoma.


Dr. Ngoc Bui has an impressive bibliometric profile with an H-index of 20 and 3234 citations as of May 2024, according to Google Scholar. Her research has been widely cited by peers, reflecting the significant influence of her work in the scientific community. Her contributions to Molecular Physics and related fields are evidenced by her numerous publications in high-impact journals.


Dr. Bui aims to continue her impactful research, with a focus on molecular physics and its applications in environmental science and engineering. Her future contributions are expected to further enhance the understanding of molecular phenomena and lead to the development of innovative materials and technologies for sustainable water and resource management. Her ongoing dedication to excellence in research and education ensures that her legacy will inspire future generations of scientists and engineers.


Throughout her career, Dr. Bui has consistently integrated principles of Molecular Physics into her research, from her early work on nanofiber-supported membranes to her current focus on electrolyte-solute-material interfaces. Her ability to elucidate the complex behaviors of molecules at different interfaces and scales has positioned her as a leader in the field, driving forward the frontiers of knowledge in Molecular Physics and its practical applications in material science and environmental engineering.



Ngoc Bui | Molecular Physics | Best Researcher Award 

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