Dr. Sarantuya Lkhagvajav | Solid State Physics | Best Researcher Award 

Institute of Physics and Technology | Mongolia 



Dr. Sarantuya Lkhagvajav’s academic journey began in Mongolia, where she attended Secondary School No. 2 in Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai province, graduating in 2006. She then pursued higher education at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, earning her Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics with a thesis on "Theoretical Studies of Hydrogen Storage in Nanostructured AlCu, Al12Cu Systems," achieving the highest grade of "A". She continued her studies at the same university, obtaining a Master's degree in Engineering Physics, focusing on "Hydrogen Storage in Nanostructured Metal Clusters" and again earning an "A". Dr. Lkhagvajav completed her Ph.D. at the Mongolian National University, where her research on "Study of Spinel Lithium Titanate Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries" further established her expertise in Solid state physics.


Dr. Lkhagvajav's professional career has been closely tied to the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, where she has worked at the Institute of Physics and Technology since 2010. Initially a researcher in the Department of Material Science, she has advanced to become the Head of the Energy Research Laboratory. Her work involves leading various projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Mongolia. Key projects include the study of nanostructured materials, technological investigations of new nanoscale materials, preparation and characterization of rare earth-containing materials, and the development of lithium-ion battery technology. In 2022-2023, she led a project on the study and development of battery technology for application and recycling of spent NiMH batteries, highlighting her continued contributions to Solid state physics.


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Dr. Lkhagvajav's research focuses on Solid state physics, particularly in the areas of nanostructured materials and energy storage systems. Her work on hydrogen storage in nanostructured metal clusters and spinel lithium titanate anodes for lithium-ion batteries showcases her expertise in material science and nanotechnology. She has also contributed to the preparation and characterization of rare earth materials and the technological investigation of graphene-based new materials. Her leadership in projects investigating battery technology underscores her commitment to advancing energy research and sustainable technology solutions.


Dr. Lkhagvajav’s impact on the field of Solid state physics is evident through her extensive research and numerous awards. She has been recognized for her contributions with awards such as the Honorary Certificate of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship. Her participation in the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to Physics marks her recognition on a global scale. Additionally, her work has significantly influenced the development of nanomaterials and energy storage solutions in Mongolia.


Throughout her career, Dr. Lkhagvajav has made notable contributions to academia, evidenced by her active role in mentoring and leading research projects. Her work has been cited in various academic publications, contributing to the broader scientific understanding of nanostructured materials and their applications in energy storage. Her leadership in research projects funded by the Mongolian government highlights her influence and the practical impact of her work on national technological advancements.


Dr. Lkhagvajav's legacy in the field of Solid state physics is characterized by her pioneering research and leadership in nanomaterials and energy storage systems. Her future contributions are likely to further advance the understanding and application of nanotechnology in sustainable energy solutions. As she continues to lead innovative projects and mentor the next generation of researchers, her influence will extend beyond Mongolia, contributing to global advancements in Solid state physics.


Dr. Lkhagvajav’s expertise in Solid state physics is reflected in her comprehensive research on hydrogen storage, lithium-ion batteries, and nanostructured materials. Her work on the technological investigation of lithium-ion batteries and the preparation of rare earth materials demonstrates her deep understanding of the physical properties and potential applications of solid-state materials. Her continued research and development in this field are expected to yield significant advancements in energy storage and material science.



Sarantuya Lkhagvajav | Solid State Physics | Best Researcher Award

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