Assist Prof Dr. Ramesh Babu Yarajarla | Material Science | Best Researcher Award 

Karnatak University Dharwad | India 



Assist. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Babu Yarajarla’s academic journey began with a solid foundation in the life sciences. He completed his B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Zoology, and Chemistry from Sri Venkateswara University in 2008, achieving a first division with 73.9% marks. Following this, he pursued an M.Sc. in Applied Genetics from Bangalore University, where he excelled with 73.8% marks and received an appreciation letter for securing the highest marks. His early academic pursuits were marked by a deep interest in genetics and life sciences, paving the way for his future research and teaching career.


Dr. Yarajarla’s professional endeavors are distinguished by his comprehensive research and teaching experience. He served as a DST-SERC Project Fellow at Bangalore University from December 2011 to March 2014. Concurrently, he gained part-time teaching experience in the Department of Zoology at Bangalore University. His expertise in Material Science and genetics has been instrumental in shaping his teaching methodologies and research focus.


Dr. Yarajarla’s research is characterized by his Ph.D. thesis titled “Effect of dietary restriction on lifespan and reproductive success in different species of Drosophila – A Genetic approach.” This work highlights his focus on genetic approaches to understanding life span and reproductive success. His contributions extend to his achievements in competitive exams such as CSIR-NET and GATE, where he ranked impressively at the national level. His additional qualifications include career-oriented programs and certificate courses in medicinal plants, computers, and functional English, enhancing his multidisciplinary expertise in Material Science.


Dr. Yarajarla’s impact on the academic and research community is significant. His appreciation letter from Bangalore University for his outstanding performance in M.Sc. Applied Genetics and his first prize in a quiz program in 2007 reflect his academic excellence. His research on dietary restrictions in Drosophila offers valuable insights into genetics and longevity, contributing to the broader field of Material Science. His part-time teaching experience has also influenced many students, fostering a new generation of researchers and academicians.


Dr. Yarajarla’s academic work is widely recognized and cited, particularly his research on Drosophila genetics. His contributions to the field are reflected in his achievements in national competitive exams and his active participation in various research projects. His work is frequently cited in studies related to genetics, life sciences, and Material Science, underscoring his influence and expertise in these areas.


Dr. Yarajarla’s legacy is marked by his dedication to both research and teaching. His future contributions are expected to continue influencing the fields of genetics and Material Science. By integrating his research findings into his teaching, he ensures that his students are well-versed in the latest scientific advancements. His career-oriented programs and additional qualifications also highlight his commitment to continuous learning and professional development, setting a precedent for future scholars in Material Science and related fields.


Dr. Yarajarla’s achievements extend beyond his academic and research contributions. His additional qualifications, such as the career-oriented programs in medicinal plants and short-term certificate courses in computers and functional English, reflect his broad skill set and versatility. These qualifications enhance his ability to integrate multidisciplinary approaches in his research and teaching, particularly in Material Science. His comprehensive educational background, professional endeavors, and continuous pursuit of knowledge make him a prominent figure in the academic and scientific community.


Ramesh Babu Yarajarla | Material Science | Best Researcher Award

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