Dr. Mukunda Dev Behera | Climate | Best Researcher Award 

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur | India



Dr. Mukunda Dev Behera's academic journey began with a strong focus on botany and environmental management. He earned his MSc in Botany from Berhampur University, Odisha, in 1993, followed by an MPhil in Environment Management from Vikram University, Madhya Pradesh, in 1996. His doctoral research, supported by a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-NET) fellowship, culminated in a PhD in Botany from IIRS-ISRO, GK University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, in 2001. Furthering his expertise, he obtained a European Professional Diploma and Master Degree from the University of Paris VI, France, in 2002. These foundational years laid the groundwork for his illustrious career in ecological climatology and sustainable development.


Dr. Behera has held significant academic and research positions, including his current role as an Associate Professor at IIT Kharagpur since March 2014. Prior to this, he served as an Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur from September 2007 to February 2014 and as a Scientist/Engineer-SD at RRSSC, ISRO, from November 2002 to August 2007. His professional endeavors extend internationally, having been a visiting professor at JAMSTEC, Japan, and the University of Southampton, UK, among other institutions. Dr. Behera's multidisciplinary expertise is reflected in his teaching courses on carbon, environmental technology, climate, and ecology.


Dr. Behera's research contributions are vast, particularly in the areas of forest resources management, ecological climatology, and sustainable development. He has developed innovative protocols and methods for estimating vegetation photosynthetic and structural variables using satellite data products and modeling. His work significantly contributes to climate change mitigation through vegetation carbon management using nature-based solutions and environmental technologies. Dr. Behera has been involved in over 30 research and consultancy projects with international and national funding support, demonstrating his impact in the field of climate research.


Dr. Behera's impact on the scientific community is profound, evidenced by his numerous awards and recognitions. He received the Australian Award Fellowship in 2023 and the Faculty Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to teaching and research at IIT Kharagpur in 2022. His work has been recognized by the Indian Society of Geomatics with the National Geomatics Applications Award in 2022. Additionally, he is a Fellow of both the International Society of Environmental Botanists and the Indian Water Resources Society. These accolades underscore his influence in ecological climatology and sustainable development.


Dr. Behera's academic work is highly cited, reflecting his significant contributions to climate science and environmental technologies. His research on vegetation carbon management and climate change mitigation has been pivotal, providing valuable insights and methodologies for the scientific community. His work on the angiospermic plant diversity database and land and water resources monitoring is widely used, particularly by the Tripura State Forest Department and through the NMHS-MOEF&CC program.


Dr. Behera's legacy is marked by his pioneering research and dedication to sustainable development. His innovative methods and protocols for ecological climatology continue to influence the field, and his contributions to climate change mitigation are vital. Looking ahead, Dr. Behera's future contributions are expected to further advance the understanding of climate dynamics and the development of sustainable environmental technologies. His role in mentoring and training the next generation of scientists ensures that his legacy will endure, fostering continued progress in ecological research and climate science.


Dr. Behera's achievements extend beyond his academic and research contributions. His role in technology transfer and maiden national database generation, such as the angiospermic plant diversity database, demonstrates his commitment to practical applications of his research. His coordination and organizational capabilities, evidenced by his involvement in over 12 conferences and numerous projects, highlight his leadership in the scientific community. Dr. Behera’s work in Climate research, environmental technologies, and sustainable development continues to set benchmarks and inspire future research in these critical areas.



Mukunda Dev Behera | Climate | Best Researcher Award 

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