Ms. Priti Singh | Photoluminescence | Best Researcher Award 

Banaras Hindu University | India



Ms. Priti Singh's academic journey commenced with a strong foundation in physics and mathematics, completing her B.Sc with a commendable 71.5% at G.S. P.G. College, Sultanpur, affiliated with Faizabad State University. She furthered her studies by earning an M.Sc in Physics from the Department of Physics, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, with a CGPA of 7.6. Her early academic achievements include qualifying for IIT JAM in 2014, which is a testament to her academic excellence and dedication.


Ms. Singh embarked on her Ph.D. journey in September 2018 at the Department of Physics, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University. Her thesis, titled “Optical Properties of Rare Earth Doped CaTiO3 Phosphors Materials,” focuses on the intricate study of Photoluminescence properties in rare earth-doped materials. During her Ph.D., she has adeptly handled advanced instruments such as laser setups, Fluorolog-3 spectrophotometers, and the Perkin Elmer Lamda-750 UV-vis-NIR spectrometer, showcasing her technical prowess in experimental physics.


Ms. Singh's research is primarily centered on Photoluminescencein perovskite materials, particularly rare earth-doped perovskite phosphors. Her work explores the mechanisms of upconversion, downshifting, and quantum cutting, which are critical for optoelectronic applications. Her proficiency in handling sophisticated instrumentation has led to significant findings in the field, advancing the understanding of Photoluminescenceproperties and their potential applications in various technologies.


Ms. Singh's research on rare earth-doped perovskite materials has made notable contributions to the field of optoelectronics. By investigating the Photoluminescence properties of these materials, she has provided valuable insights into their potential use in advanced optical devices. Her work has not only enhanced the scientific community's understanding of perovskite phosphors but also opened new avenues for their practical applications.


Throughout her academic career, Ms. Singh has received several accolades. She qualified for the IIT JAM in 2014 and secured the 1st Vaidehi Thakur Memorial Scholarship during her M.Sc in 2016. In 2018, she achieved the first rank in the BHU RET, and her exemplary work during her Ph.D. earned her the prestigious Saya Ji Geaward Fellowship in 2023 and the Teach for BHU Fellowship (TFB) in 2024. These awards highlight her academic excellence and significant contributions to her field.


Ms. Priti Singh's legacy lies in her dedication to advancing the field of Photoluminescence in rare earth-doped perovskite materials. Her research has laid a strong foundation for future explorations into optoelectronic applications and the development of new materials with enhanced optical properties. As she continues her academic and research pursuits, her contributions are expected to have a lasting impact on the scientific community, inspiring future researchers and advancing technological innovations.


A central theme in Ms. Singh's research is Photoluminescence, which refers to the emission of light from a material after it absorbs photons. Her extensive study on the optical properties of rare earth-doped CaTiO3 phosphors has significantly advanced the understanding of how these materials can be used in optoelectronic applications. By exploring the upconversion and downshifting mechanisms, Ms. Singh's work contributes to the development of more efficient and effective materials for a variety of optical devices, reinforcing the importance of Photoluminescence in modern science.



Priti Singh | Photoluminescence | Best Researcher Award

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