Assoc Prof Dr. Cüneyt Uğur | Medicine | Molecular Physics Achievement Award

University of Health Sciences | Turkey

Author Profile:

 Early Academic Pursuits:

Cüneyt Uğur embarked on his academic journey with a foundation in management and organization at Anadolu University's Open Education Faculty. His dedication to expanding his academic horizons led him to pursue a degree in Medicine at Istanbul University, where he delved into the intricate world of medical sciences.

Professional Endeavors:

Dr. Cüneyt Uğur's professional journey began with his role as a Doctoral Teaching Member at the Health Sciences University in Konya. This marked the initiation of his dedicated service to the medical field, where he contributed significantly to both education and research.

Contributions and Research Focus:

As a Doctoral Teaching Member, Dr. Uğur took on the responsibility of guiding and supervising research endeavors. His notable contributions include overseeing theses on diverse topics, such as the evaluation of serum zinc and vitamin D levels in children with acute gastroenteritis related to rotavirus and assessing cases of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) associated with COVID-19. Additionally, he actively participated in research projects, particularly those focusing on pediatric diseases like acute appendicitis.

Accolades and Recognition:

Dr. Cüneyt Uğur's commitment to research and excellence has earned him recognition in various projects and research groups. His involvement in the Turkish MIS-C Study Group showcases his acknowledgment as a leader in evaluating cases of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children associated with COVID-19. This recognition underscores his expertise and dedication to advancing the understanding of pediatric diseases.

Impact and Influence:

As a Doctoral Teaching Member, Dr. Uğur's impact extends beyond the classroom. His involvement in projects related to pediatric health and diseases demonstrates a commitment to improving the medical field's understanding and treatment of these conditions. Through his leadership and active participation in research groups, he contributes to the broader scientific community's knowledge.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Dr. Cüneyt Uğur's legacy lies in his significant contributions to the fields of pediatrics and medical research. His guidance and supervision of numerous theses and research projects have undoubtedly influenced the next generation of medical professionals. Looking ahead, his commitment to ongoing research and academic excellence positions him to continue shaping the future of pediatric medicine, leaving a lasting impact on the field.

Notable Publication:

Are decreased cocaine- and amphetamine regulated transcript and Agouti- related peptide levels associated Eating behavior in medication-free children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder?  8 February 2024

Evaluation of newborn hearing screening results of infants with phenylketonuria February 2024

Cüneyt Uğur | Medicine | Molecular Physics Achievement Award

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