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Early Academic Pursuits:

Mustafa YILMAZ's academic journey has been marked by a deep commitment to the field of Chemistry. He embarked on this scholarly path with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Ataturk University in 1978. His insatiable curiosity and passion for the subject led him to pursue further studies, culminating in a Master's degree from Selcuk University in 1981. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he continued his educational journey, earning a Ph.D. from Selcuk University's Graduate School of Natural Sciences in 1985.

Professional Endeavors:

Armed with a solid academic foundation, Mustafa YILMAZ has dedicated his career to Selcuk University's Department of Chemistry. His journey within the university started in 1979 as a Research Assistant, marking the beginning of a long and illustrious career. Over the years, he climbed the academic ranks, serving as an Assistant Professor from 1987 to 1990, then as an Associate Professor from 1990 to 1996, and ultimately achieving the position of Professor in 1996. His enduring commitment to Selcuk University is a testament to his dedication to both his academic pursuits and the institution.

Contributions and Research Focus On MOF:

As a seasoned academician, Prof. Dr. Mustafa YILMAZ has made substantial contributions to the field of Chemistry. His research endeavors have likely spanned a broad spectrum within the discipline, considering his extensive experience and academic positions. The specific focus areas of his research, the impact of his contributions, and the projects he has undertaken would shed light on the depth and breadth of his scholarly pursuits.

Accolades and Recognition:

While the available information does not explicitly mention specific accolades or awards, the progression of Mustafa YILMAZ through the academic ranks—from Research Assistant to Professor—indicates a recognition of his scholarly achievements within the academic community. His sustained presence and advancement at Selcuk University further underscore the acknowledgment of his contributions.

Impact and Influence:

Prof. Dr. Mustafa YILMAZ's impact extends beyond the confines of his academic roles. As a professor, mentor, and researcher, he has likely influenced generations of students, shaping their understanding of Chemistry and inspiring their academic journeys. Additionally, his research contributions may have implications for the broader scientific community, contributing to advancements in the field.


The legacy of Prof. Dr. Mustafa YILMAZ is rooted in his enduring commitment to education, research, and the field of Chemistry. His influence on students and the academic community, coupled with his contributions to the body of knowledge in Chemistry, forms a lasting legacy. The impact of his work and the individuals he has mentored will likely reverberate through the corridors of Selcuk University.

Future Contributions:

While information on future contributions is not explicitly available, Prof. Dr. Mustafa YILMAZ's continued presence at Selcuk University suggests an ongoing commitment to education and research. His wealth of experience positions him to continue making meaningful contributions to the academic community and potentially explore new avenues within Chemistry.

In summary, Prof. Dr. Mustafa YILMAZ's academic journey, from early education to his current position, reflects a life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in Chemistry. His contributions, impact, and legacy within Selcuk University and the broader academic community exemplify a distinguished career in the realm of Chemistry.

Notable Publication:

Design of a novel fluorescent metal-organic framework (UiO-66-NG) for the detection of boric acid in aqueous medium and bioimaging in a living plant system  2024 (1)

Surfactant-based metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in the preparation of an active biocatalysis  2023 (4)

A cellulose-based material as a fluorescent sensor for Cr(VI) detection and investigation of antimicrobial properties of its encapsulated form in two different MOFs  2023 (4)

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