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Marisa Monte's academic journey commenced with her pursuit of a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where she laid the foundation for her illustrious career. This formative period instilled in her a deep-seated passion for understanding the intricacies of chemical processes and their applications in various industries. Subsequently, her academic pursuits led her to undertake a master's degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, further refining her expertise and specialization in the field. Throughout her academic endeavors, Monte demonstrated exceptional aptitude and dedication, laying the groundwork for her future contributions to the field of mineral and metallurgical engineering.


Marisa Monte's professional journey is characterized by a series of significant roles and achievements that have solidified her reputation as a leading expert in mineral and metallurgical engineering. In 1998, she assumed the pivotal role of Head of New Materials Development Service at the Mineral Technology Center (CETEM), where she spearheaded efforts to drive innovation and advancements in the field. This position provided her with a platform to leverage her expertise and make tangible contributions to the development of novel materials and processes.


Marisa Monte's research focus encompasses fundamental and applied aspects of Interface Science, Processing Mineral, and Extractive Metallurgy. Her recent research endeavors have been centered on investigating the kinetic and equilibrium aspects of surfactant adsorption, with a particular emphasis on its implications for wettability, Physical chemistry. colloidal stability, flotation, and mineral processing. Monte's research has contributed significantly to advancing our understanding of key processes in mineral and metallurgical engineering, particularly in the processing of phosphate rocks, gold, and sulfide ore, as well as the utilization of waste materials. Her work has not only shed light on fundamental principles but also has practical implications for improving the efficiency and sustainability of extraction techniques.


Marisa Monte's contributions to the field of mineral and metallurgical engineering have been widely recognized and celebrated. Her research achievements have earned her accolades and recognition from her peers and the academic community, Physical chemistry. underscoring the significance and impact of her work. Monte's dedication to excellence and innovation has positioned her as a respected figure in her field, inspiring others and leaving a lasting legacy of excellence.


Marisa Monte's work has had a profound impact on the field of mineral and metallurgical engineering, influencing both research and industry practices. Her insights into surfactant adsorption kinetics and its effects on mineral processing have provided valuable guidance for practitioners and researchers alike. By addressing pressing challenges in mineral and metallurgical processing, Monte's research has contributed to the development of more efficient and sustainable extraction techniques, ultimately benefiting industries and communities worldwide.


Marisa Monte's legacy extends beyond her individual achievements, encompassing her enduring contributions to the advancement of mineral and metallurgical engineering. As she continues her research endeavors at the Mineral Technology Center (CETEM), Monte remains committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and addressing emerging challenges in the field. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her visionary leadership, ensures that her impact will be felt for generations to come. As a pioneer in her field, Monte's future contributions hold the promise of furthering our understanding of mineral and metallurgical processes, ultimately shaping the future of the industry.


Synergism of mixed cationic collectors in the flotation of quartz unveiled by AFM, solution chemistry and quantum chemical calculations  2023 (3)

Interaction forces between colloidal starch and quartz and hematite particles in mineral flotation  2019 (44)

Nickel sorption using Bioclastic Granules as a sorbent material: equilibrium, kinetic and characterization studies  2019 (15)

XPS study on the mechanism of starch-hematite surface chemical complexation   2017 (146)





Marisa Monte | Physical chemistry | Excellence in Research

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