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J. Kabiriyel embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation laid during his schooling at Government Hr. Sec. School, Theni, where he secured an impressive 86% in SSLC. This was followed by his Higher Secondary education at St. Lasalle Hr. Sec. School, Tuticorin, where he attained a notable score of 71.5% in H.S.C. His dedication and commitment to learning led him to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Arul Anandar College, Madurai, where he graduated with distinction in 2008, scoring 77.91%.


Driven by a passion for research, Kabiriyel delved deeper into the realm of knowledge by undertaking a Bachelor of Religious Studies (BRS) in Theological Studies at Vidyadeep College, CRI Brothers Institute, Bangalore, graduating with distinction in 2016 with an impressive score of 80%. Subsequently, he continued his academic pursuits by pursuing a Master of Science in Physics from Arul Anandar College, Madurai, where he further honed his expertise, graduating in 2019 with a commendable score of 72.60%.


Kabiriyel's academic journey took a significant turn when he embarked on his Ph.D. in Physics at Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Dindigul. His research focused on the interdisciplinary domain of Biopolymer and BIO-NANO COMPOSITES, culminating in the submission of his thesis with a notable score of 77.83%. His research contributions have been recognized through participation and paper presentations at various national and international seminars and conferences.


Through his rigorous research endeavors and active participation in academic events, Kabiriyel has made significant contributions to the field of Physics, particularly in the area of Bio-Nano Composites. His work has not only expanded the horizons of scientific knowledge but has also inspired fellow researchers and scholars to explore new frontiers in materials science and energy applications.


The impact of Kabiriyel's research can be gauged by the number of citations his work has garnered in reputed and SCOPUS-indexed international journals. His research findings have been disseminated globally, contributing to the body of scientific literature and fostering collaboration among researchers in the field.


As Kabiriyel continues to pursue his academic journey, his legacy as a dedicated researcher and scholar in the field of Physics is bound to endure. His future contributions hold the promise of further advancements in materials science, with a focus on harnessing the potential of Bio-Nano Composites for diverse applications in energy and environmental sustainability.


J. Kabiriyel's academic odyssey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a fervent dedication to research. His early academic pursuits laid a solid foundation for his subsequent endeavors, culminating in a Ph.D. in Physics with a focus on Bio-Nano Composites. Through his professional endeavors, Kabiriyel has not only expanded the frontiers of scientific knowledge but has also left an indelible mark on the academic landscape through his contributions to materials science and energy applications. His research focus on Bio-Nano Composites has led to significant impacts and influences in the field, evident from the citations garnered by his work in reputed international journals. As he continues to chart new territories in scientific exploration, Kabiriyel's legacy as a pioneering researcher and his future contributions to the academic community are poised to shape the discourse in materials science and beyond.


Citation: 5         Year: 2021

Kabiriyel J | Bio-nano composites | Excellence in Research

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