Dr. Madina Telkhozhayeva | Ion beam analysis | Best Researcher Award

Bar-Ilan University | Israel

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Madina Telkhozhayeva's academic journey reflects a commitment to excellence and diverse international experiences. She obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, investigating the exfoliation of 2D layered nanomaterials and their photocatalytic activity for organic pollutant degradation. Her M.Sc. in Chemistry from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Kazakhstan focused on modified sorbents of toxic metal ions for pharmaceutical production.

Professional Endeavors:

Madina's professional experiences include roles as a Chemistry Lab Assistant at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and internships at institutions like Kazatomprom – Sorbent Ltd. and the Center of Physical-Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis. She conducted research, synthesized materials, and explored the properties of ion exchange resins and composite materials during her internships.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Madina's international research engagements as a visiting researcher in Spain and Italy, and collaborations with renowned professors, showcase her dedication to expanding her scientific horizons. Her research spans areas such as materials science, photocatalytic activity of nanomaterials, and plasmonic dynamics of inorganic nanostructures, demonstrating a multidisciplinary approach.

Accolades and Recognition:

Madina has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Erasmus+ ICM scholarship for Staff Mobility and Training, the Nanotechnology Scholarship for outstanding Ph.D. students, and the Presidential Fellowship from Bar-Ilan University for Ph.D. studies. Her excellence is further evident through the Government Excellence Scholarship for outstanding master's students and the First Place for the Best Presentation at the International Conference of Students and Young Scientists.

Impact and Influence:

Madina's diverse international experiences, scholarships, and achievements indicate her influence in the academic and research community. Her contributions to conferences and collaborations with experts across the globe showcase her impact on the broader scientific landscape.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Madina's legacy includes her significant contributions to the field of Chemistry, particularly in nanomaterials and catalysis. As a scholar with a multidisciplinary approach, she is poised to continue making valuable contributions to the scientific community. Her focus on materials science and environmental applications indicates a commitment to addressing global challenges through innovative research.

Madina's journey is marked by academic excellence, international collaborations, and a dedication to advancing scientific knowledge. Her future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the fields of Chemistry and Materials Science.

Notable Publication:

Graphene Oxide-Doped Gellan Gum–PEGDA Bilayered Hydrogel Mimicking the Mechanical and Lubrication Properties of Articular Cartilage   2021 (34)

Higher Ultrasonic Frequency Liquid Phase Exfoliation Leads to Larger and Monolayer to Few-Layer Flakes of 2D Layered Materials   2021 (15)

Scalable Synthesis of Few-Layered 2D Tungsten Diselenide (2H-WSe2) Nanosheets Directly Grown on Tungsten (W) Foil Using Ambient-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition for Reversible Li-Ion Storage   2020 (20)

2D TiS2 flakes for tetracycline hydrochloride photodegradation under solar light  2022 (20)

Phase-Dependent Photocatalytic Activity of Bulk and Exfoliated Defect-Controlled Flakes of Layered Copper Sulfides under Simulated Solar Light  2021 (6)

Madina Telkhozhayeva | Ion beam analysis | Best Researcher Award

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