Mr. Vinayak Balkrishna Ranmale | Supercapacitor | Best Researcher Award 

Rayat Shikshan Sanatha's Swami Ramanand Vidyalaya and Junior College | India



Mr. Vinayak Balkrishna Ranmale began his academic journey in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. He completed his S.S.C. from the Kolhapur Board in March 1998, securing 58.13%, followed by his H.S.C. from the same board in February 2000 with 47.00%. He then pursued a B.Sc. from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, graduating in April 2003 with a commendable 60.32%. He continued his education with an M.Sc. from Shivaji University, which he completed in April 2007, achieving 56.08%. Recently, he embarked on a Ph.D. program at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, where he received B Grades in his Pre-Ph.D. examination in September 2022.


Mr. Ranmale's professional career is marked by significant teaching experience. He served as a Junior College Teacher at Yashawantrao Chavan Institute of Science, Satara, from 2011 to 2017. Following this, he continued his teaching career at Swami Ramanand Vidyalaya and Junior College, Ramanandnagar, where he has been working since 2017.


Mr. Ranmale's research focus is on the development and synthesis of advanced materials for energy storage applications, specifically supercapacitors. During his Master's degree, he completed a project titled “Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan,” which demonstrated his early interest in automation and control systems. His Ph.D. research is centered on the "Chemical Synthesis of Nickel Doped Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films for Supercapacitor." This work is crucial for advancing the performance and efficiency of supercapacitors, which are vital for energy storage in various electronic devices and systems.


Mr. Ranmale's work on supercapacitors has significant implications for the field of energy storage. His innovative approach to doping Bismuth Ferrite with Nickel aims to enhance the material properties, making it more suitable for high-performance supercapacitors. This research not only contributes to the academic understanding of advanced materials but also holds potential for practical applications in developing more efficient and durable energy storage devices.


Mr. Ranmale’s contributions to the academic community include his research on supercapacitors, which is expected to be cited by future researchers working on similar topics. His work on Nickel Doped Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films provides a valuable reference point for studies focused on improving the efficiency and capacity of energy storage devices.


Looking ahead, Mr. Ranmale aims to continue his research in the field of advanced materials and energy storage. His ongoing work on supercapacitors will likely lead to further innovations and improvements in the performance of these critical devices. By enhancing the understanding and application of Nickel Doped Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films, Mr. Ranmale is set to leave a lasting legacy in the realm of energy storage technologies. His future contributions are expected to influence both academic research and practical applications, driving forward the development of more efficient and sustainable energy solutions.


Mr. Ranmale's expertise in the field of supercapacitors positions him as a key figure in the advancement of energy storage technologies. His research on the chemical synthesis of Nickel Doped Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films aims to improve the performance characteristics of supercapacitors, making them more efficient and reliable for various applications. The emphasis on supercapacitors highlights the importance of his work in addressing the growing demand for high-capacity and durable energy storage systems.



Vinayak Balkrishna Ranmale | Supercapacitor | Best Researcher Award 

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