Dr. Brijesh Kumar | Nanomaterials | Best Researcher Award 

University of Lucknow | India



Dr. Brijesh Kumar embarked on his academic journey with a Ph.D. entitled "Pulsed Laser Processing of Semiconductor Submicron and Nanostructures" from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, completed in December 2008. This foundational work laid the groundwork for his career in Nanomaterials and advanced materials science.


Dr. Kumar's career spans significant roles in academia and research. Currently serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Lucknow since December 2021, he previously held several key positions. Notably, he was the Head of the Centre of Nanotechnology at Amity University Haryana and an Associate Professor at the Amity School of Engineering & Technology, from July 2015 to December 2021. His international experience includes pivotal roles as a Research Fellow at the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, and as a Research Professor at the Nano-electronics Science & Engineering Laboratory, School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea.


Dr. Kumar's research is primarily focused on the synthesis, characterization, and application of Nanomaterials. He has established advanced materials and nano-engineering laboratories, where he has fabricated a variety of nano-electronic and optoelectronic devices using nanostructures, 2D graphene, h-BN nanosheets, and composite nanostructures. His innovative devices include nanogenerators, hybrid nanoarchitectures, solar cells, and sensors, which have applications in wireless networks, nanorobotics, medical devices, security, and artificial intelligence.


Dr. Kumar's contributions to the field of Nanomaterials are well-recognized internationally. His research in ultrafast laser spectroscopy, laser processing, and devices based on 2D materials has significantly advanced the understanding and application of these materials in electronic, optoelectronic, and energy device technologies. He has supervised several Ph.D. candidates and has been involved in the development of several courses related to Nanotechnology and Laser Technology.


Dr. Kumar's research activities have been extensively cited in the academic community. His investigations into the properties of submicron and nanostructures, characterized by techniques such as TEM, HRTEM, Absorption, Photoluminescence (PL), Raman spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), have contributed to the fundamental understanding of Nanomaterials.


Dr. Kumar's legacy includes the establishment of state-of-the-art laboratories and the development of new materials and devices that leverage the unique properties of Nanomaterials. His teaching and research will continue to inspire future scientists and engineers in the field of Nanotechnology, Laser Technology, and Optoelectronics. His ongoing work promises to have a lasting impact on both academia and industry, driving further innovations in these fields.


Throughout his career, Dr. Kumar has focused on advancing the field of Nanomaterials. His research has led to significant breakthroughs in the synthesis, characterization, and application of these materials, particularly in electronic, optoelectronic, and energy devices. By exploring the unique properties and applications of Nanomaterials, Dr. Kumar continues to pave the way for new technologies and advancements in scientific research and industrial applications.



Brijesh Kumar | Nanomaterials | Best Researcher Award 

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