Prof. Francesco Sorge | Mechanical Vibrations | Best Researcher Award 

University of Palermo | Italy



Francesco Sorge, born in Palermo, Italy, in 1948, embarked on a distinguished academic journey that laid the foundation for his prolific career in Applied Mechanics. He pursued his academic studies with a strong emphasis on theoretical and applied mechanics, which formed the basis of his subsequent professional endeavors.


Dr. Francesco Sorge is a renowned Full Professor of Applied Mechanics, having taught courses in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Applied Mechanics and Machines, Mechanical Vibrations, Dynamics and Control Systems. His extensive teaching career has spanned various aspects of mechanics, providing foundational knowledge to numerous students over the years.


Dr. Sorge's research spans a wide array of topics within the field of Applied Mechanics. His notable contributions include significant research work on MECHANISMS, VIBRATIONS, and LUBRICATION. His studies have explored diverse areas such as ferrofluids, internal combustion engines, turbomachinery, tribology, and the dynamics of various mechanical systems like CVT's, V-belt mechanics, railcar mechanics, and anti-roll marine systems. His research also delved into niche areas such as pneumatic artificial muscles, kinematics and dynamics of multitrailer systems, and the dynamical behavior of articulated vehicles en route. His work on the ground roll of airplanes, mechanisms for tracing polygonal paths, and dynamics of bow instruments has further enriched the field.


Throughout his career, Dr. Sorge has made a significant impact on the field of Applied Mechanics. His research has been published in numerous international journals, reflecting his influential work on Mechanical Vibrations and other topics. He has also presented several papers at international conferences, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and advancements in the field. As a reviewer for several international journals and a guest editor of special issues, he has actively shaped the direction of research in Applied Mechanics.


Dr. Sorge's work is highly cited in the academic community, demonstrating the impact and relevance of his research. His contributions to Mechanical Vibrations and other areas have been pivotal in advancing the understanding and application of mechanics in various industries and scientific disciplines.


Despite retiring in 2018, Dr. Sorge remains active in scientific research, continuing to explore new avenues within Applied Mechanics. His legacy includes a vast body of work that has influenced generations of researchers and practitioners in the field. His future contributions are expected to continue shaping the field, particularly in Mechanical Vibrations and related areas, as he remains dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and mentoring future generations of researchers.


Dr. Francesco Sorge's research has significantly contributed to the field of Mechanical Vibrations. His studies have explored various aspects of vibration analysis, control, and mitigation, providing insights that have been applied across numerous mechanical systems. His work has advanced the understanding of vibration dynamics and has been instrumental in developing strategies to improve the performance and reliability of mechanical systems. MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS continue to be a central focus of his research, driving innovations and advancements in the field.


Francesco Sorge | Mechanical Vibrations | Best Researcher Award

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