Dr. Priya Rani | Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics | Best Researcher Award 

Central university of Haryana | India



Dr. Priya Rani's academic journey began with exceptional performance in her school years, securing 93.4% in her matriculation from HBSE in 2011. She pursued her higher secondary education in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Hindi, achieving 80% in 2013. Dr. Rani continued her undergraduate studies in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at Govt. College for Women, Hisar, Kurukshetra University, where she graduated with first position in her college, scoring 77.1% in 2016. She earned her M.Sc. in Physics from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology (GJU S & T), Hisar, in 2018, with an impressive 78.9%. Her academic excellence was evident throughout, and she was awarded the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by UGC-CSIR in 2022.


Dr. Priya Rani's professional journey is marked by her significant contributions to the field of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. She completed her Ph.D. from GJU S & T, Hisar, with a focus on the theoretical study of electronic and optical properties of quantum dots under the supervision of Prof. Sunita Srivastava and Dr. Ranjeet. She has published eight research papers, five of which are at the Scopus level, with a total of 57 citations, an h-index of 5, and an i10 index of 1. Dr. Rani has been a reviewer for prestigious journals such as the New Journal of Physics, Physica Scripta, and the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. She has also actively participated in 23 conferences and workshops, delivering 11 oral presentations and 6 poster presentations, winning the Best Poster Award at MMMCN-2023.


Dr. Rani's research primarily focuses on Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, with specialization in density functional theory-based first principles software like SIESTA and Gaussian, and effective mass approximation-based software like Quantum Dot Lab. Her expertise extends to general theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, computer simulation and modeling, and quantum dots. Her Ph.D. thesis on the theoretical study of electronic and optical properties of quantum dots showcases her profound understanding and innovative approach to this specialized field. She is particularly interested in the optoelectronic properties of quantum dots and their applications in bio-imaging and bio-sensing.


  • Citations   57
  • h-index     05
  • i10-index  01


Dr. Priya Rani's research has significantly impacted the field of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, contributing to the understanding and development of quantum dots for various applications. Her work is highly regarded in the academic community, as evidenced by her citations and the recognition she has received through awards and presentations. As a Guest Faculty member at GJU S & T, Hisar, and the Central University of Haryana, she has influenced and mentored many students, imparting her knowledge and expertise in advanced quantum mechanics, optics, semiconductor physics, mathematical physics, mechanics, and electricity and magnetism.


Dr. Rani's publications and research contributions are widely cited in academic literature, underscoring the relevance and impact of her work in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Her studies on the electronic and optical properties of quantum dots are frequently referenced by other researchers, highlighting the importance of her findings in advancing the field. Her role as a reviewer for several high-impact journals further demonstrates her influence and standing in the scientific community.


Dr. Priya Rani's legacy is built on her dedication to advancing the field of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Her innovative research on quantum dots and their applications continues to inspire and guide future research in this domain. As an active member of academic committees and associations, she plays a crucial role in shaping the future of physics research and education. Her future contributions are expected to further enhance the understanding of quantum materials and their practical applications, cementing her place as a leading figure in her field.


Priya Rani | Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics | Best Researcher Award

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