Ms. Nazanin Mohseninia | Solid-State Physics | Best Scholar Award 

Semnan University | Iran



Ms. Nazanin Mohseninia's academic journey began with a strong foundation in mathematics and physics, earning her diploma from Bentolhoda High School with a commendable GPA of 17.87/20. She pursued a Bachelor's degree in Physics at Damghan University, followed by a Master's degree in Applied Thin Film Physics from the Material and Energy Research Center (MERC). Her master's thesis focused on the preparation of novel nano-structural carbon films using atmospheric pressure plasma deposition techniques, earning a dissertation grade of 17.75/20.


Ms. Mohseninia has accumulated diverse work experience, starting with teaching high school physics at Modaresan Sharif Educational Institute and a charitable school in Shahrud, Iran. She then designed books and banners for conferences at MERC and worked as a quality control manager at an LED lamp manufacturing facility. Currently, she is affiliated with the Faculty of Physics at Semnan University, where she assists in developing curricula, teaches general physics, and instructs doctoral students on the principles of Quantum Espresso.


Ms. Mohseninia's research focus lies in Solid-State Physics and materials science, particularly the study and application of graphene-based materials. Her work involves performing Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations to investigate the structural and electronic properties of these materials. She has explored the effectiveness of graphene-based materials in pollutant absorption, enhancing the understanding of their potential environmental applications. Her research also includes the synthesis of thin films and their applications in various technologies.


Ms. Mohseninia's contributions to Solid-State Physics are reflected in her numerous presentations and collaborations. She has delivered oral presentations at national and international conferences, such as the 9th International Congress on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (ICNN2022) and the 12th International Conference on Science and Development of Nanotechnology in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her participation in executive committees for various scientific congresses highlights her active engagement in the scientific community.


Ms. Mohseninia has made significant strides in her field, evidenced by her academic publications and conference presentations. Her work on nano-structural carbon films and graphene-based materials has been cited in several scientific papers, contributing to advancements in Solid-State Physics and materials science. Her ability to communicate complex ideas through presentations and publications has established her as a knowledgeable and influential figure in her domain.


Ms. Nazanin Mohseninia's legacy is rooted in her dedication to advancing the field of Solid-State Physics. Her future contributions will likely continue to focus on innovative research in material simulations and the development of graphene-based materials for environmental applications. Her ongoing work at Semnan University, combined with her extensive experience and academic background, positions her to make significant advancements in her field and mentor the next generation of physicists and researchers.


Ms. Mohseninia's expertise in Solid-State Physics encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge, from thin film deposition techniques to advanced computational simulations. Her proficiency in Quantum Espresso and other material simulation software has allowed her to explore and optimize the properties of graphene-based materials. Her research on pollutant absorption by these materials not only advances the field but also offers practical solutions to environmental challenges. Through her academic and professional endeavors, Ms. Mohseninia continues to make meaningful contributions to Solid-State Physics and its applications.



Nazanin Mohseninia | Solid-State Physics | Best Scholar Award

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