Ms. Souaïbou Hawaou Kaya | distributed computing environment | Women Researcher Award

University of Ngaoundere | Cameroon

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Early Academic Pursuits:

SOUAIBOU HAWAOU Kaya's academic journey commenced with a solid foundation in computer science and technology. He obtained his Bachelor of Technology degree in Networking and Internet from the Institut Universitaire De Technologie (IUT), University of Ngaoundéré-Cameroon, in 2018. Prior to that, he earned a University Diploma of Technology in Génie Informatique from the same institution in 2017. These early academic pursuits equipped him with essential skills and knowledge in information technology, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Professional Endeavors:

Kaya's professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences in various sectors. Notably, he served as a Database Service Assistant at Credit Du Sahel from November 2023, where he provided valuable assistance to the Database Administrator in ensuring the smooth operation of the Core Banking System. His responsibilities included administration of the derivatives platform (mobile banking, web banking, and SMS banking) and offering technical support to users. During this role, he acquired knowledge of SQL Server and familiarity with the SQL language, enhancing his expertise in database management.

Contributions and Research Focus On distributed computing environment:

Kaya's research activities center around cutting-edge topics such as scheduling in distributed computing environments, offloading IoT tasks on Fog-Cloud, Technology 4.0, and workflow scheduling optimization. His realizations include an internship project at the Port Autonome De Douala in 2022, focusing on the optimization of domain administrator accounts. Additionally, his research project for the Master 2 in IEA (2019-2020) explored distributed meta-scheduling algorithms based on particle swarm optimization and market economy in Cloud Computing.

Accolades and Recognition:

While specific accolades and recognition for Kaya's work are not explicitly mentioned, his diverse range of professional experiences and research projects indicate a commendable level of dedication and expertise in his field.

Impact and Influence:

Kaya's contributions in database management, network optimization, and research in cutting-edge technologies have the potential to impact various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications. His hands-on experience and research focus on emerging technologies position him as a valuable asset in driving innovation and technological advancement in Cameroon and beyond.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

With his strong academic background, diverse professional experiences, and active involvement in research, Kaya is poised to make significant contributions to the fields of information technology and computer science. His dedication to continuous learning and exploration of new technologies will likely lead to further advancements in his chosen field, leaving a lasting legacy in academia, industry, and research.

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Souaïbou Hawaou Kaya | distributed computing environment | Women Researcher Award

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