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Dr Mujahid Iqbal | Optical Physics

Early Academic Pursuits:

Mujahid Iqbal likely began their academic journey with foundational studies. This could include details about their undergraduate and possibly master's degree, highlighting key subjects, projects, or areas of specialization during this period.

Professional Endeavors:

Outline the trajectory of Mujahid Iqbal's professional career, starting from early roles to more recent positions. Include any notable institutions or companies they have been associated with, and the nature of their work.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Detail Mujahid Iqbal's contributions to their field of study. Highlight significant research projects, publications, or any innovations they may have been involved in. Discuss the impact of their work on the academic or professional community.

Accolades and Recognition:

Enumerate any awards, honors, or recognition that Mujahid Iqbal has received for their contributions. This could include academic awards, industry recognitions, or honors from professional societies.

Impact and Influence:

Examine the broader impact of Mujahid Iqbal's work. Discuss how their research or professional activities have influenced the academic community, industry practices, or specific fields of study.


If applicable, discuss the lasting impact or legacy that Mujahid Iqbal has left in their field. This could be in terms of a particular theory, methodology, or the mentorship of students and colleagues.

Future Contributions:

Offer insights or expectations regarding Mujahid Iqbal's potential future contributions. This could be based on ongoing research, projects, or emerging trends in their field.

Notable Publication:

Construction of new solitary wave solutions of generalized Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Benjamin-Bona-Mahony and simplified modified form of Camassa-Holm equations   2018 (47)

Construction of bright–dark solitons and ion-acoustic solitary wave solutions of dynamical system of nonlinear wave propagation  2019 (42)

Construction of soliton solutions of the modify unstable nonlinear Schrödinger dynamical equation in fiber optics  2019 (33)

The nonlinear diffusion reaction dynamical system with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities with analytical investigations  2020 (21)

Construction of traveling and solitary wave solutions for wave propagation in nonlinear low-pass electrical transmission lines   2020 (18)

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