Mr. Christian Gebki kabe | Semi-conducteurs organiques | Excellence in Research 

University if Yaoundé I | Cameroon 



Mr. GEBKI KABE Christian was born on August 23, 1990, at the Maternity of Mora, Cameroon. He began his academic journey at the Lycée Classique de Mora, where he obtained his Baccalauréat C in 2009. He then pursued a License in Physics at the University of Yaoundé I, graduating in 2012. His passion for technology led him to the Institut Supérieur du Sahel (ISS) at the University of Maroua, where he earned a Diploma of Engineering in Informatics and Telecommunications with a focus on Telecommunications in 2014. Continuing his academic excellence, he achieved a Diploma of Secondary Education Teaching (DI.P.E.S II) in Physical Sciences from the École Normale Supérieure at the University of Maroua in 2015. Recently, in 2022, he completed a Master of Research in Physics with a specialization in Solid State Physics at the same institution.


Mr. GEBKI KABE Christian's professional career commenced in June 2013 at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MINEPOSTEL) in Yaoundé. Here, he worked on urban community telecenter projects and developed a telephony network using IP technology. In 2014, he further honed his technical skills at the Informatics Laboratory of Maroua, where he designed a reconfigurable antenna controlled by a microcontroller. By September 2015, he transitioned to teaching, serving as an instructor at the Bilingual College Les Leaders in Douala. Since February 2016, he has been a permanent teacher of Physics-Chemistry, Informatics, and Mathematics at Lycée Classique de Mbandjock and Bilingual College Saint Paul de Mbandjock in the central region (Yaoundé).


Mr. Christian has made significant contributions in the field of education and telecommunications. His research focus includes the development and application of semi-conducteurs organiques (organic semiconductors), which are crucial for the advancement of modern electronics and optoelectronics. He has been involved in projects that emphasize the practical implementation of these materials in various technological applications.


Mr. Christian's impact extends beyond the classroom. He has been instrumental in implementing science and technology projects that benefit local communities. His work with organic semiconductors has potential implications for improving electronic devices' efficiency and sustainability. As an educator, he has influenced many students, preparing them for higher education and competitive examinations in STEM fields. His expertise in semi-conducteurs organiques has been pivotal in both academic and practical advancements in this area.


Throughout his career, Mr. Christian has been an active member of the academic community, contributing to various educational and scientific organizations. His work is recognized in multiple academic citations, showcasing his research's relevance and impact. His dedication to advancing the field of organic semiconductors has earned him a reputation as a knowledgeable and innovative researcher.


Mr. Christian's legacy is defined by his commitment to education and scientific research. His future contributions are expected to further the development of semi-conducteurs organiques, enhancing their application in electronics and telecommunications. He continues to mentor and inspire students, fostering the next generation of scientists and engineers. His ongoing projects and research endeavors aim to push the boundaries of what is possible with organic semiconductors, contributing to technological advancements and sustainability.


Mr. Christian's research in semi-conducteurs organiques has focused on their synthesis, characterization, and application in various electronic devices. This work is critical for developing new technologies that are more efficient and environmentally friendly. By exploring the properties and potential of organic semiconductors, Mr. Christian is at the forefront of a field that promises significant advancements in modern electronics and sustainable technology solutions.



Christian Gebki kabe | Semi-conducteurs organiques | Excellence in Research 

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