Dr. Alma Cioci | Second Harmonic Generation Properties | Best Researcher Award 

Università degli studi di Torino | Italy



Dr. Alma Cioci began her academic journey at the Università degli Studi di Torino, where she pursued her undergraduate and graduate studies in Chemistry. Her early academic work focused on the application of computational methodologies to crystalline systems, utilizing the quantum mechanical calculation program CRYSTAL. This foundational work laid the groundwork for her future research endeavors in the field of material sciences and optoelectronics.


Throughout her career, Dr. Cioci has been deeply involved in both theoretical and experimental research. She has held multiple research positions at the Università degli Studi di Torino, including roles as a research fellow and laboratory assistant. Her work primarily focuses on the synthesis and characterization of metalloorganic biosensors and new crystalline materials for diagnostics and radiotherapy in oncology. Since January 2022, Dr. Cioci has been a doctoral candidate working on the synthesis of metalloporphyrinates for the development of smart materials for optoelectronics, with a particular interest in Second Harmonic Generation Properties.


Dr. Cioci’s research has significantly contributed to the development of advanced materials with unique optical properties. Her doctoral research involves the crystallization and characterization of synthesized materials using single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Additionally, she employs computational modeling to study the hyperpolarizability and second-order optical susceptibility of these crystalline solids. This work is pivotal for the development of materials with enhanced Second Harmonic Generation Properties, which are crucial for optoelectronic applications.


Dr. Cioci's work has had a notable impact on the field of materials science, particularly in the area of optoelectronics. Her research on Second Harmonic Generation Properties has opened new avenues for the development of materials that can be used in advanced optical devices. Her contributions have been recognized within the academic community, and her findings have influenced subsequent research in the field of nonlinear optics and material characterization.


Dr. Cioci's publications and research findings have been cited by her peers, highlighting the relevance and importance of her work in the field of chemistry and materials science. Her contributions to the understanding and development of materials with significant Second Harmonic Generation Properties have been acknowledged through various academic citations, underscoring her influence and the impact of her research.


Looking ahead, Dr. Alma Cioci aims to continue her research on the synthesis and characterization of advanced materials with unique optical properties. Her future work will likely explore further applications of Second Harmonic Generation Properties in optoelectronics and other related fields. Through her innovative research and dedication, Dr. Cioci is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the development of smart materials, contributing to advancements in technology and science.


Dr. Cioci’s extensive research on Second Harmonic Generation Properties has positioned her as a leading expert in this field. Her work encompasses the synthesis, crystallization, and computational modeling of materials with enhanced optical properties. The keywords associated with her research—Second Harmonic Generation Properties, optoelectronics, and material characterization—reflect the core areas of her contributions and highlight her expertise in developing innovative solutions for advanced materials and their applications.


Alma Cioci | Second Harmonic Generation Properties | Best Researcher Award

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