Mrs. DJ Bijulin Greety | Atomic Physics | Best Researcher Award

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences | India

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Bijulin Greety D.J began her academic journey by pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering at Karunya University, where she demonstrated outstanding academic performance, graduating with a percentage of 75.5 in 2015. This laid the foundation for her future endeavors in the field of aviation and technology.

Professional Endeavors:

Subsequently, Greety pursued a Master's degree in Avionics from Hindustan University, where she excelled with a remarkable percentage of 85.2, demonstrating her dedication and expertise in the field. Following her master's studies, she continued her academic journey by enrolling in a Ph.D. program at Karunya University, with a focus on Atomic Physics, marking her transition into advanced research and scholarly pursuits.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Throughout her academic and professional journey, Greety has made significant contributions to the field of Atomic Physics. Her research focus lies in the design and development of advanced materials with enhanced thermal and electrical properties for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in aircraft cockpit walls. Her work has been recognized internationally, with a paper published in Materials Today: Proceedings, showcasing her expertise and innovative approach to solving real-world challenges in aviation technology.

Impact and Influence:

Greety's contributions to the field of Atomic Physics have had a notable impact, both academically and industrially. Her research has the potential to revolutionize aircraft design and manufacturing processes by improving the safety and efficiency of cockpit systems through innovative materials and shielding techniques. Furthermore, her involvement in flight test training at IIT Kanpur highlights her practical knowledge and application of theoretical concepts in real-world settings.

Academic Citations:

Greety's research output and publications have likely garnered academic citations, reflecting the recognition and influence of her work within the scientific community. Her contributions to Materials Today: Proceedings and other scholarly platforms serve as a testament to her expertise and scholarly achievements in Atomic Physics.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As Greety continues her academic and professional journey, her legacy in Atomic Physics is poised to grow. Her dedication to advancing knowledge and solving complex challenges in aviation technology ensures that her contributions will have a lasting impact on the field. With a strong foundation in academic excellence and practical experience, Greety is well-positioned to shape the future of Atomic Physics and its applications in aerospace engineering.

Highlight on Atomic Physics:

Atomic Physics serves as the cornerstone of Greety's academic and professional pursuits, evident from her doctoral research and published work in the field. Her expertise in Atomic Physics enables her to address critical challenges in aviation technology, such as electromagnetic interference shielding, with innovative solutions and advanced materials. Through her research and contributions, Greety exemplifies the importance of Atomic Physics in advancing aerospace engineering and enhancing aircraft safety and performance.

Notable Publication:

A study on EMI shielding in aircraft: introduction, methods and significance of using electrospun nanocomposites  March 2024


DJ Bijulin Greety | Atomic Physics | Best Researcher Award

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