Prof Dr. Wanderson Silva | Electrochemistry | Excellence in Research 

Universidade Federal do Piauí | Brazil 



Prof. Dr. Wanderson da Silva began his academic journey with a solid foundation in chemistry, which eventually led him to specialize in Electrochemistry. He completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Universidade Estadual do Piauí in 2011, where he focused on synthesizing and characterizing materials for CO2 capture. This early work laid the groundwork for his future research in Electrochemistryand materials science. He continued his academic pursuits with a Master's degree from Universidade Federal do Piauí, where he studied corrosion protection of steel coatings.


Prof. da Silva’s professional career is marked by significant teaching and research roles. He has taught at various institutions, including Universidade Federal do Piauí and Escola Estadual Francisco Alvares. His positions have ranged from full-time professorships to substitute teaching roles. His professional experience extends to research in Electrochemistry and material sciences, contributing to both academic and applied sciences. His research interests encompass the development of nanostructured surfaces for electrochemical sensors and biosensors, as evidenced by his doctoral work at Universidade de Coimbra under the guidance of Christopher Michael Ashton Brett.


The primary focus of Prof. da Silva’s research lies in Electrochemistry, particularly in the development and application of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. His doctoral research at Universidade de Coimbra, titled "Nanostructured surfaces for electrochemical sensors and biosensors and applications," highlights his commitment to advancing the field. This work is crucial for developing new technologies in health, environmental monitoring, and industrial applications. His contributions to understanding the electrochemical properties of nanostructured materials have been significant, leading to innovative solutions in sensor technology.


Prof. da Silva's impact on the field of Electrochemistry is evidenced by his extensive research and numerous publications. His work has influenced the development of new materials and technologies in both academic and industrial settings. His research on biodiesel, oxidative stability, and electrochemical sensors has been widely cited, demonstrating his influence in the scientific community. Additionally, his teaching roles have allowed him to mentor and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, further extending his impact.


Prof. da Silva has a robust portfolio of academic publications and patents. His work in Electrochemistry and related fields has garnered citations from researchers worldwide, underscoring the significance of his contributions. His publications have been cited over numerous times, reflecting his influence and the high regard in which his research is held. These citations highlight the foundational nature of his work and its application across various domains.


The legacy of Prof. Dr. Wanderson da Silva is built upon his pioneering work in Electrochemistry and his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge. His research has laid the groundwork for future innovations in sensor technology and material science. As he continues his postdoctoral research at Universidade Federal do Piauí, supported by the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, his future contributions are anticipated to further expand the frontiers of Electrochemistry. His ongoing work promises to drive significant advancements in the development of new materials and electrochemical applications, ensuring his lasting impact on the field.


Prof. da Silva's expertise in Electrochemistry encompasses a broad range of topics, including biosensors, electrochemical sensors, and materials science. His work on nanostructured surfaces has paved the way for new applications in health diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and industrial processes. By advancing the understanding of Electrochemistry at the nanoscale, Prof. da Silva is contributing to the development of more sensitive, selective, and reliable sensors. His research continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in Electrochemistry, highlighting the importance of this field in modern science and technology.



Wanderson Silva | Electrochemistry | Excellence in Research 

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