Dr. Shahzadi Noreen | Ferrites | Best Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Shahzadi Noreen embarked on her academic journey with a passion for Physics. Her early academic pursuits include a Master's degree (M.Sc.) in Physics, where she engaged in a project under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Rao Afzal. The project focused on the crucial theme of "Diagnosing and Treatment of Lungs Cancer," demonstrating her early interest in medical physics.

Professional Endeavors:

Currently a Ph.D. student in Physics, Shahzadi Noreen is dedicated to advancing her knowledge and skills in research and problem-solving. While specific professional roles are not detailed, her pursuit of a Ph.D. indicates a commitment to an advanced academic and research career.

Contributions and Research Focus:

During her M.Sc., Shahzadi Noreen delved into the field of medical physics, emphasizing the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. This reflects her early involvement in research related to health applications of physics. In her M.Phil. (MS) thesis, supervised by Assistant Professor Dr. Abid Hussain, she conducted a comprehensive study on "Physical Properties of Co0.5Mn0.5Fe2-xAlx (x= 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5) Spinel Ferrites Nanoparticles obtained by Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Method." This demonstrates her engagement in materials science and nanotechnology, showcasing a multidisciplinary approach to physics research.

Accolades and Recognition:

Specific accolades and recognition are not provided, but the completion of M.Sc. and progression to a Ph.D. program are noteworthy accomplishments. These achievements indicate a level of academic excellence and a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge in physics.

Impact and Influence:

While the specific impact and influence are not detailed, Shahzadi Noreen's choice of research topics, especially in medical physics and materials science, suggests an interest in contributing to areas with real-world applications. Her research may potentially impact the fields of healthcare and materials technology.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Shahzadi Noreen's legacy is still in the making as she continues her academic journey. As a Ph.D. student, her future contributions are anticipated to include advancements in physics research, particularly in areas she is passionate about, such as medical physics and materials science. Her dedication to problem-solving and research is likely to leave a positive impact on her field.

Notable Publication:

Structural, mechanical, electronic and optical properties of MFe2O4(M=Zn, Cu, Si) ferrites for electrochemical, photocatalytic and optoelectronic applications  February 2024

A DFT study of the structural, magnetic, electronic, mechanical and optical properties of M0.75Cu0.25Fe2O4 (M = Co, Ni, Mg, Mn) ferrites: Optoelectronic applications  December 2023

Structural, optical, morphological and magnetic properties of Cu0.25M0.75Fe2O4 (M=Mn, Mg, Ni and co) ferrites for optoelectronic applications  May 2023

Structural, electronic, optical and mechanical properties of oxide-based perovskite ABO3 (A = Cu, Nd and B = Sn, Sc): A DFT study January 2023

Structural, mechanical, thermodynamic, electronic, magnetic and optical properties of ZnFe2O4 ferrite: A DFT study  November 2022



Shahzadi Noreen | Ferrites | Best Researcher Award

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