Prof Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru | Sensor | Best Researcher Award

Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University | Turkey

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru embarked on her academic journey with a strong foundation in Environmental Engineering. She completed her undergraduate studies at Atatürk University, Erzurum, Turkey, in June 2001. Building upon this, she pursued a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering at Gebze Technical University, specializing in the development of Continuous Flow Batch Loading Phenol Sensors, and later earned her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering in February 2010. Her doctoral research focused on the Development of Amperometric Phenol Biosensors Using Horseradish peroxidase Enzyme at Gebze Technical University.

Professional Endeavors:

Following her educational pursuits, Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru has held various academic positions. She started her career as a Research Assistant at Gebze Technical University in December 2002, where she significantly contributed to the Department of Environmental Engineering until 2011. Subsequently, she became an Assistant Professor in August 2011 at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University. Her dedication and impactful contributions led to her promotion as an Associate Professor in November 2012, and she currently holds the title of Professor since January 2019.

Administrative Tasks at the Academy:

Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru has actively taken on administrative roles at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, showcasing leadership capabilities. Notably, she assumed the role of Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering from 2021, overseeing the department's academic and administrative affairs. She has been instrumental in quality coordination and research committee leadership, contributing to the university's overall academic excellence. Additionally, she served as Deputy Head of the Department from 2011 to 2013.

Research Focus:

Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru's research is characterized by a diverse array of topics within the realm of Environmental Engineering. Her expertise encompasses Electrochemical Biosensors, Enzyme Kinetics, DNA Biosensors, Enzymatic Fuel Cells, Environmental Monitoring Techniques, Conductive and Composite Polymers, Microbial Kinetics, Energy Production from Renewable Resources, Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering, and Nanotechnology applications in electrochemical signaling systems. Her groundbreaking work in these areas has contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in environmental science and technology.

Accolades and Recognition:

While specific accolades and recognitions are not explicitly mentioned, it is evident from her progression to the rank of Professor and her leadership roles that Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru has been recognized for her scholarly contributions and administrative capabilities. Her work in electrochemical biosensors and related fields likely garnered attention and acknowledgment within the academic community.

Impact and Influence:

Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru's impact is multifaceted. Through her research, she has contributed to the development of innovative technologies and methodologies in environmental monitoring and biosensing. Her leadership roles in academia indicate her influence in shaping the direction of the Department of Environmental Engineering and fostering a research-oriented and quality-focused academic environment.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Prof. Dr. Şeyda Korkut Uru's legacy is marked by her dedicated service, impactful research, and leadership in academia. Her future contributions are anticipated to further enhance the field of Environmental Engineering, with a continued focus on cutting-edge research, mentorship of students, and the advancement of sustainable and innovative technologies in her areas of expertise. Her leadership in administrative roles is likely to leave a lasting imprint on the academic institutions she serves.

Notable Publication:

Novel Innovations in Biofuel Cells   June 2021

Sustainable and Renewable Electric Energy Generation with Continuous Flow Enzymatic Fuel Cell   May 2022

Şeyda Korkut Uru | Sensor | Best Researcher Award

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