Prof Dr. Efracio Mamani Flores | Materials 2D | Best Researcher Award 

Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann | Peru



Dr. Mamani Flores Efracio embarked on his academic journey at the Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann in Peru, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics with a specialization in Renewable Energies. He continued his education at the same institution, obtaining a Licenciado in Applied Physics. Dr. Flores furthered his academic pursuits by earning a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Physics from Universidade Federal de Pelotas in Brazil. His advanced studies laid a strong foundation for his future research in material properties and their applications.


Currently, Dr. Mamani Flores is a Professor and Researcher at the National University of Tacna in Peru. Since April 2018, he has been contributing as a faculty member and researcher at Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann. His professional journey is marked by his dedication to teaching and research, focusing on the study of material properties using Density Functional Theory (DFT). Dr. Flores's work is particularly relevant for energy applications and environmental remediation, including the study of metal oxides and photovoltaics.


Dr. Flores’s primary research area revolves around the Materials 2D domain, where he investigates the structural and electronic properties of materials at surfaces and interfaces. His research utilizes Density Functional Theory (DFT) to explore these properties, which are crucial for energy applications and environmental remediation. Notably, his work on Materials 2D has significant implications for the development of metal oxides and photovoltaic materials, enhancing their efficiency and applicability in real-world scenarios.


Dr. Flores has had a substantial impact on the scientific community through his research on Materials 2D. His studies have provided deep insights into the electronic properties and structural characteristics of materials, which are essential for advancing technologies in energy and environmental sectors. His work has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of knowledge in material science, particularly in the context of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials.


The significance of Dr. Flores’s research is reflected in numerous academic citations. His studies on Materials 2D have been widely recognized and cited by peers, indicating the high relevance and impact of his work. These citations underscore the importance of his contributions to understanding and improving the properties of materials for energy and environmental applications.


Dr. Flores’s legacy in the field of Materials 2D is marked by his pioneering research and educational contributions. He has played a critical role in mentoring the next generation of scientists, guiding them through complex research projects and fostering a deep understanding of material properties. Looking forward, Dr. Flores aims to continue his research in Materials 2D, focusing on further uncovering the potential of materials for advanced energy applications and environmental solutions. His ongoing work is expected to drive significant advancements in the field, contributing to sustainable and efficient technologies.


Throughout his career, Dr. Mamani Flores Efracio has dedicated himself to the study of Materials 2D, exploring their structural and electronic properties using advanced computational methods. His research has not only enhanced the scientific understanding of these materials but also opened up new possibilities for their application in energy and environmental technologies. By focusing on the innovative and transformative potential of Materials 2D, Dr. Flores continues to contribute to the advancement of material science and its practical applications, ensuring his lasting influence on the field.



Efracio Mamani Flores | Materials 2D | Best Researcher Award 

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