Prof. Do Sung Huh | Functional Polymers | Best Researcher Award 

Inje University | South Korea 



Dr. Do Sung Huh began his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Chemical Education at Seoul National University. He then pursued advanced studies at KAIST, earning both his Master's and Ph.D. degrees in the Department of Chemistry. His early academic pursuits laid a strong foundation in chemical education and research, particularly focusing on the synthesis and properties of various chemical compounds, which later evolved into a keen interest in functional polymers.


Dr. Huh has had a distinguished career at Inje University, where he has served as a Professor since March 1989. His academic influence extended internationally when he took on the role of Visiting Professor at West Virginia University from March 1996 to February 1997. Since March 2011, Dr. Huh has also been serving as the Dean of the College of Natural Science at Inje University. His professional endeavors are marked by a commitment to advancing chemical education and research in functional polymers.


Dr. Huh's research is centered on the synthesis and characterization of conducting polymer composites, the development of functional polymers using the modified breath figure method, and the preparation of moth-eye patterned polymer films with surface functionalization. His work on functional polymers involves innovative methods to enhance the properties and applications of these materials. By modifying polymer surfaces and creating new composite materials, Dr. Huh has contributed significantly to the field of polymer science.


Dr. Huh's impact on the field of chemistry, particularly in the area of functional polymers, is profound. His research has led to the development of new materials with unique properties, which have applications in various industries, including electronics, coatings, and biotechnology. As a leader in his field, Dr. Huh has influenced both his peers and students, fostering a deeper understanding of polymer chemistry. His role as Dean of the College of Natural Science at Inje University further amplifies his influence, as he shapes the future of scientific research and education.


Dr. Huh's extensive research has been widely published and cited in numerous scientific journals, reflecting the significance of his contributions to the field. His work on functional polymers is particularly noted for its innovation and practical applications. By focusing on the synthesis and functionalization of polymers, he has provided valuable insights that have been recognized and built upon by other researchers in the field.


Dr. Huh's legacy in the field of polymer chemistry is marked by his pioneering work on functional polymers and conducting polymer composites. His research has not only expanded the theoretical understanding of these materials but has also paved the way for practical applications that benefit various technological fields. Looking ahead, Dr. Huh is expected to continue his groundbreaking work, contributing further to the development of advanced functional materials. His future contributions will likely include new methods for polymer synthesis and functionalization, enhancing the versatility and performance of these essential materials.


Throughout his career, Dr. Huh has demonstrated a deep expertise in functional polymers, exploring their synthesis, characterization, and applications. His innovative approaches to modifying polymer surfaces and creating new composite materials have set new standards in the field. The development of moth-eye patterned polymer films and other advanced functional materials underscores the practical significance of his research. By focusing on functional polymers, Dr. Huh has significantly contributed to the advancement of materials science, providing new solutions to complex technological challenges.



Do Sung Huh | Functional Polymers | Best Researcher Award 

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