Mr. AAQIB RASHID | Experimental Physics | Best Researcher Award 

National Institute of Technology Srinagar | India

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Early Academic Pursuits

Aaqib Rashid embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in science, excelling in subjects like Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry during his secondary and higher secondary education. His exceptional performance in these subjects laid the groundwork for his future academic and research endeavors.

Professional Endeavors

Rashid's academic journey culminated in a Ph.D. in Physics, focusing on Solid-State Physics and Material Science. Currently pursuing his doctoral research at the Solid State Research Lab, National Institute of Technology Srinagar, under the guidance of Prof. Mohd Ikram, Rashid's work centers on Triple Perovskites, particularly exploring thin film fabrication and characterization.

Contributions and Research Focus

Rashid's research contributions revolve around experimental physics, with a specific emphasis on material science and condensed matter physics. His expertise lies in the analysis of various experimental techniques such as XRD, FESEM, AFM, VSM, and Neutron Diffraction, which he applies to investigate the structural and optical properties of materials.

Impact and Influence

Through his conference presentations and research papers, Rashid has disseminated his findings to the scientific community, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in his field. His work on Triple Perovskites and nanocomposites has implications for optoelectronic and solar cell applications, potentially shaping future developments in renewable energy technologies.

Academic Citations

Rashid's research publications have garnered attention within the academic community, reflected in citations by peers and researchers in related fields. His contributions to understanding the synthesis, structural, and optical properties of materials have been recognized for their relevance and significance.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Aaqib Rashid continues his academic and research journey, his legacy lies in his dedication to pushing the boundaries of experimental physics and material science. Through his ongoing projects and collaborations, he aims to make significant contributions to addressing current challenges and advancing technological innovations.

Experimental Physics

Experimental Physics serves as the cornerstone of Rashid's research endeavors, providing him with the tools and techniques necessary to explore the properties of materials at the nanoscale. His proficiency in experimental methodologies enables him to unravel the mysteries of condensed matter physics and contribute meaningfully to the scientific community's understanding of complex material systems.

Notable Publication

AAQIB RASHID | Experimental Physics | Best Researcher Award 

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