Dr. Poorva Nayak | Thermoelectric and Spintronics | Best Researcher Award 

Jiwaji university | India



Dr. Poorva Nayak has pursued a robust academic trajectory in the field of physics. She started her academic journey with a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Jiwaji University, Gwalior, in 2013. She further obtained an M.Sc. in Physics in 2015, followed by an M.Phil. in Physics in 2017, where she secured 73% marks. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Physics at Jiwaji University, specializing in thermoelectric and spintronics materials. Her strong academic foundation in both theoretical and experimental physics has prepared her well for a career in academia and research.


Dr. Nayak has accumulated valuable teaching and research experience throughout her career. She served as an Assistant Professor of Physics at the Malwa Institute of Technology and Management from 2019 to 2020, and is currently a guest faculty member at the School of Studies in Physics, Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Her teaching responsibilities included delivering lectures, conducting tutorials, and managing laboratory sessions for undergraduate physics courses. She has been commended for her effective communication skills and innovative teaching methodologies, which have greatly enhanced student engagement and learning.


Dr. Nayak's research primarily focuses on thermoelectric and spintronics materials. As a Research Scholar at Jiwaji University, she has conducted extensive research on these topics, designing and executing experiments, and analyzing data using advanced statistical methods and mathematical modeling. Her research on thermoelectric and spintronics materials aims to contribute to societal advancements by exploring the properties and potential applications of these materials. She has presented her findings at departmental seminars and conferences, showcasing her ability to disseminate complex scientific knowledge effectively.


Dr. Nayak’s work in the field of thermoelectric and spintronics materials has had a significant impact on the scientific community. Her research contributions have been acknowledged for their innovative approach and potential applications in technology and industry. She has received positive feedback from both students and faculty for her teaching methods and research acumen. Dr. Nayak's dedication to fostering an engaging learning environment and her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge have established her as a promising figure in the field of physics.


Dr. Nayak’s research work has been cited in various academic publications, reflecting the relevance and importance of her contributions to the field of thermoelectric and spintronics materials. Her academic projects, including her M.Phil. project on the structure, electronic, and optical properties of osmium di-boride, and her M.Sc. project on the dielectric study of polyaniline-zinc nickel ferrite nanocomposite materials, have added valuable insights to the existing body of knowledge. Her ability to conduct and present impactful research has garnered her recognition in the academic community.


Dr. Nayak aims to continue her research in thermoelectric and spintronics materials, aspiring to drive innovation and contribute to technological advancements in these fields. As an Assistant Professor, she is committed to inspiring and mentoring students, fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and excellence. Her future contributions are expected to further the understanding of thermoelectric and spintronics materials, paving the way for new applications and advancements in technology. Her legacy will be marked by her dedication to research, education, and the continuous pursuit of scientific excellence.


Dr. Nayak's work revolves around the study and application of thermoelectric and spintronics materials, which are critical in advancing energy efficiency and information technology. Her research efforts aim to explore the properties of these materials, contributing to the development of innovative solutions for energy conversion and storage. The keywords thermoelectric and spintronics encapsulate the core of her research focus, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of her work and its potential impact on future technological advancements.


Poorva Nayak | Thermoelectric and Spintronics | Best Researcher Award 

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