Meena S | Chemistry | Editorial Board Member

Dr. Meena S | Chemistry | Editorial Board Member

Dayanandasagar College of Enigneering | India

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Beginning with a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Sri Vasavi College, Erode, in 2006, and subsequently completing an M.Sc. in Chemistry from Govt. Arts College, Ooty, in 2008, the foundation for academic excellence was laid early on. These formative years provided a strong base for the remarkable academic journey that followed.

Professional Endeavors:

With a diverse and enriching career spanning 15 years, the professional journey of this individual is commendable. Starting as a Chemistry Teacher at New Baldwin International Residential School, Bangalore, in 2008, the progression through various roles, including Assistant Professor in multiple esteemed institutions, demonstrates a commitment to education and career growth. Notably, the current role as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, since December 2021, marks a culmination of experience and expertise.

Contributions and Research Focus:

The pinnacle of academic achievements is the recent Ph.D. in Chemistry awarded in March 2022 by VTU, Belagavi. The research focus on "Synthesis and Characterization of Multifunctional Ferrite-based Nanomaterials" under the guidance of Dr. K.S. Anantharaju showcases a deep commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. This research undoubtedly contributes significantly to the field of nanotechnology and chemistry.

Accolades and Recognition:

The list of achievements reflects the recognition received for contributions to research and other extracurricular activities. Winning the Research Excellence in Nanotechnology/Chemistry Award in the International Award Convention in 2023, securing the second place in a Rangoli competition, and receiving the Best Oral Presentation Award at the Virtual International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical and Biological Sciences in 2020 underscore a well-rounded and accomplished professional.

Impact and Influence:

The impact of this individual extends beyond research excellence. Through various responsibilities during academic work, such as coordinating international conferences, organizing faculty development programs, and conducting online webinars, there's a clear influence on academic and professional development at both institutional and broader levels.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

The legacy left by this professional is one of dedication, versatility, and a commitment to both teaching and research. The future promises continued growth and contributions to academia, evident in ongoing responsibilities such as coordinating international conferences and webinars. The combination of academic prowess, research achievements, and leadership skills positions this individual as a significant contributor to the academic community, leaving a lasting legacy for future educators and researchers.

Notable Publication:

Enhanced sunlight driven photocatalytic activity and electrochemical sensing properties of Ce-doped MnFe2O4 nano magnetic ferrites  2021 (50)

Impact of temperature-induced oxygen vacancies in polyhedron MnFe2O4 nanoparticles: As excellent electrochemical sensor, supercapacitor and active photocatalyst  2021 (41)

Controlled synthesis of (CuO-Cu2O)Cu/ZnO multi oxide nanocomposites by facile combustion route: A potential photocatalytic, antimicrobial and anticancer activity   2021 (29)

Optical, Electrochemical and Photocatalytic Properties of Sunlight Driven Cu Doped Manganese Ferrite Synthesized By Solution Combustion Synthesis  2017 (27)

Synthesis of CuO samples by co-precipitation and green mediated combustion routes: Comparison of their structural, optical properties, photocatalytic, antibacterial, haemolytic and cytotoxic activities  2021 (25)


Leandra Franciscato Campo | Organic Chemistry | Women Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Leandra Franciscato Campo | Organic Chemistry | Women Researcher Award

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul | Brazil


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Early Academic Pursuits:

Leandra Franciscato Campo's academic journey is marked by excellence in Chemistry. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 1996, followed by a Master's degree in 1999 and a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2003, all from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. Her formal education included a focus on Hydroxyphenylbenzazoles, Aminobenzazoles, Proton-transfer laser dyes, Fluorescence, and Polymers Fluorescent.

Professional Endeavors:

Leandra Franciscato Campo engaged in a postdoctoral program at Université Montpellier 2 - Sciences et Techniques, France, from 2005 to 2006, under the guidance of Advisor Geneviève Cervou. She also pursued complementary education at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain, in 2002-2003, under the guidance of Advisor Imaculada Concepcion Garcia.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Her research encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including Organic Synthesis, Photophysics, Photochemistry, Fluorescent Polymers, and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials. Her work includes the synthesis of heterocycles, photophysics, fluorescent probes, organic polymers, and photoluminescent organic-inorganic hybrid materials.

Accolades and Recognition:

Specific accolades and recognitions are not provided in the given information. However, her extensive bibliographical production, including 49 articles with a total of 914 citations and a Factor-H of 16, is indicative of her impact and recognition in the scientific community.

Impact and Influence:

Leandra Franciscato Campo's work, spanning diverse areas of Chemistry and Materials Science, has been published in reputable journals. Her contributions to areas like fluorescent materials, organic synthesis, and photophysics demonstrate potential influence in these fields.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Organic Chemistry, Leandra Franciscato Campo is actively contributing to the academic and research community. Her ongoing research, as evidenced by the articles accepted for publication, indicates a commitment to advancing knowledge. Her legacy is shaped by her work in the synthesis of novel materials and the exploration of their properties.

Notable Publication: 

Excited state intramolecular proton transfer in amino 2-(2′-hydroxyphenyl)benzazole derivatives: Effects of the solvent and the amino group position 2007 (131)

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Cyanine Dyes. Synthesis, Spectral Properties, and BSA Association Study 2014 (73)

8-Phenyl-Substituted Dipyrromethene·BF2 Complexes as Highly Efficient and Photostable Laser Dyes  2004 (80)

Novel series of tacrine-tianeptine hybrids: Synthesis, cholinesterase inhibitory activity, S100B secretion and a molecular modeling approach 2016 (39)

Low pH optical sensor based on benzothiazole azo dyes 2018 (32)



Yuexia Wang | computer simulation in atomic and molecular interactions | Best Researcher Award

Yuexia Wang | computer simulation in atomic and molecular interactions | Institute of Modern Physics

Yuexia Wang | computer simulation in atomic and molecular interactions

Early Academic Pursuits

Yuexia Wang embarked on her academic journey with a strong foundation in physics. From her early education, she exhibited exceptional curiosity and passion for understanding the fundamental principles of the physical world. Her academic pursuits were marked by a keen interest in modern physics, setting the stage for a promising career in the field.

Professional Endeavors

Upon completing her formal education, Yuexia Wang delved into the professional realm of physics, joining the prestigious Institute of Modern Physics. Her transition from academia to the professional sphere showcased her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge beyond the confines of theory, embracing practical applications and real-world implications of modern physics.

Contributions and Research Focus

Wang's contributions to the field of modern physics have been substantial and multifaceted. Her research focus spans a range of topics, from theoretical explorations to experimental investigations, making significant strides in understanding complex phenomena. Her work stands as a testament to her dedication to pushing the boundaries of our comprehension of the universe.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her career, Yuexia Wang has earned numerous accolades and recognition for her groundbreaking contributions to modern physics. These honors not only reflect the quality of her work but also underscore her impact on the scientific community. Awards and acknowledgments have been bestowed upon her, highlighting the esteem with which her peers regard her accomplishments.

Impact and Influence

Wang's work has had a profound impact on the scientific community, influencing both theoretical and applied aspects of modern physics. Her research findings have been instrumental in shaping the understanding of key phenomena, and her innovative approaches have paved the way for new avenues of exploration within the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a trailblazer in modern physics, Yuexia Wang has already established a lasting legacy. Her contributions have set a high standard for future researchers to aspire to. Looking ahead, she continues to inspire and pave the way for advancements in our understanding of the physical world. Wang's future contributions are eagerly anticipated as she continues to shape the trajectory of modern physics.

Notable Publication

Adhesion and mechanical properties of Zr/SiC interfaces: Insight from characteristics of structure and bonding by first-principles calculations  2023 (4) 

Mechanical and thermal properties of zirconium claddings after doping niobium: Understanding from first-principles calculations   2022 (1)

Hydrogen solution in high-entropy alloys   2021 (23)

The prediction of untraceable solute behaviors of helium in high-entropy alloys   2021 (2)

Effect of irradiation on randomness of element distribution in CoCrFeMnNi equiatomic high-entropy alloy  2020 (20)

Swamps of hydrogen in equiatomic FeCuCrMnMo alloys: First-principles calculations  2019 (31)

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