Neil Phillips | Atomic Molecular | Outstanding Researcher in Atomic Physics Award

Dr. Neil Phillips | Atomic Molecular | Outstanding Researcher in Atomic Physics Award

Unversity of the West of England | United Kingdom



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Neil Phillips embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Cardiff University, where he exhibited a keen interest in understanding the intricacies of technology. This foundation laid the groundwork for his subsequent academic pursuits, culminating in a Doctorate from the same institution, specializing in the Application of High-Temperature Superconductors to Electric Drives. His academic endeavors reflect a passion for delving into the fundamental workings of systems and seeking innovative solutions.


Following his academic achievements, Neil transitioned seamlessly into the realm of research and development. His tenure at Dyson Ltd. as a Technology Appraisal Manager showcased his adeptness at managing research teams, evaluating project proposals, and steering the company's research strategy. This experience equipped him with a robust understanding of technological landscapes and honed his skills in project management, financial oversight, and intellectual property management, Atomic Molecular.


Neil's research trajectory has been marked by a diverse array of projects, ranging from exploring fungal architectures to pioneering advancements in Engineered Living Materials (ELMs) and liquid marble technology. His multidisciplinary approach to research underscores his ability to tackle complex challenges, evidenced by his involvement in projects funded by prestigious entities such as the EU and EPSRC. His contributions to the field extend beyond traditional boundaries, as exemplified by his innovative endeavors in bioelectronics, sustainable technologies, and computational substrates.


Neil's research has garnered significant recognition, with accolades such as the Research Publication of the Year award from the Institute of Biological Engineering and the Vice-Chancellor's Challenge Award for his groundbreaking work on mitigating global warming. His initiatives in public engagement and knowledge exchange underscore his commitment to driving societal impact and fostering scientific literacy. Furthermore, his patents reflect a tangible legacy of innovation, contributing to advancements in areas such as power conversion, motor technology, and floor cleaning devices.


Neil's scholarly contributions have left an indelible mark on the academic community, evident from the citations and acknowledgments garnered by his publications. His research outputs have enriched the scientific discourse surrounding topics such as bioelectronics, fungal architectures, and sustainable technologies, Atomic Molecular, cementing his reputation as a thought leader in these domains.


As Neil Phillips continues to chart new frontiers in research and innovation, his legacy resonates through his seminal contributions to science and technology. His unwavering dedication to addressing societal challenges and pushing the boundaries of knowledge serves as an inspiration to future generations of researchers. With his diverse skill set, visionary outlook, and commitment to excellence, Neil remains poised to make enduring contributions to academia, industry, and society at large.


Throughout his career, Neil Phillips has demonstrated an atomic focus on understanding the molecular intricacies of various systems, from high-temperature superconductors to fungal architectures. His research endeavors delve into molecular-level phenomena, harnessing the potential of atomic structures to drive technological innovations. Whether exploring the properties of liquid marbles or designing modular bioreactor walls, Neil's work epitomizes a molecular approach to solving real-world problems, propelling scientific understanding and technological advancement forward.


No ultrasounds detected from fungi when dehydrated  2023 (1)

Electrical response of fungi to changing moisture content  2023 (4)

Kombucha electronics: electronic circuits on kombucha mats  2023 (4)



Majid Bagherinia | Atomic Molecular | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Majid Bagherinia | Atomic Molecular | Best Researcher Award

Ataturk University | Turkey





Majid Bagherinia embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in civil engineering, fostering a passion for geotechnical research and ground improvement techniques.


As a Research Assistant at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ataturk, Majid Bagherinia dedicated eight years to investigating various aspects of geotechnical engineering. His work resulted in five publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, one presentation at international conferences, and one scientific research project.


Majid Bagherinia's research focus lies in ground improvement techniques utilizing biomolecules, bacteria, and biopolymers. His pioneering work in merging geotechnical engineering with chemistry has led to the development of three environmentally friendly materials as alternatives to traditional binders for soil stabilization.


Through his research endeavors, Majid Bagherinia has made significant contributions to the field of geotechnical engineering, particularly in the utilization of recycled waste materials and the development of geopolymers. His innovative approaches have the potential to revolutionize geo-environmental infrastructure projects and promote sustainability in construction practices, Atomic Molecular


Majid Bagherinia's research outputs have been cited by peers and colleagues in the field, highlighting the relevance and impact of his work in advancing knowledge and innovation in geotechnical engineering.


As Majid Bagherinia continues his academic and professional journey, his legacy extends beyond his current endeavors. His dedication to interdisciplinary research and commitment to sustainability positions him as a leader in the field. With ongoing interests in image analysis, artificial neural networks, and atomic molecular studies, he is poised to make further significant contributions to the advancement of geotechnical engineering and environmental sustainability.

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Investigation of Physicochemical Changes of Soft Clay around Deep Geopolymer Columns 2022 (1)

Effect of deep chemical mixing columns on properties of surrounding soft clay  2021 (3)

Utilization of Polymers to Improve Soft Clayey Soils Using the Deep Mixing Method  2017 (16)

Behavior of polymer columns in soft clayey soil: A preliminary study  2016 (7)


Mohamed Ellouze | Atomic Molecular | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Mohamed Ellouze | Atomic Molecular | Best Researcher Award

Faculty of Sciences of Sfax  | Tunisia




Dr. Mohamed Ellouze embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in physics, which led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Crystallographic and Magnetic Properties of Solids at the Grenoble Institute of Technology, France, from December 1995 to December 1998. This early academic pursuit laid the groundwork for his subsequent contributions to the field of condensed matter physics.


Following the completion of his Ph.D., Dr. Ellouze joined the University of Sfax, Tunisia, where he has made significant strides in his academic career. Starting as an Assistant Professor in October 1999, he steadily progressed to the position of Full Professor, a role he has held from October 2005 to January 2024. His tenure at the University of Sfax has been marked by a dedication to research, teaching, and academic leadership.


Dr. Ellouze's research interests span various areas of solid-state physics, with a particular focus on material characterization, nanomaterials, and magnetic properties. His expertise includes employing techniques such as neutron diffraction and the Rietveld method for structure determination, as well as synthesizing nanoparticles and exploring their magnetic behaviors. His research also extends to the study of perovskite-type oxides and intermetallic alloys, shedding light on their properties and potential applications.


Throughout his career, Dr. Ellouze has received recognition for his outstanding contributions to the field of physics. Notable awards and grants include a Scholarship for Habilitation in June 2003 and a prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Fellowship in March 2002. His scholarly achievements have been acknowledged both nationally and internationally, affirming his status as a leading figure in the scientific community.


Dr. Ellouze's impact extends beyond his research endeavors, as evidenced by his active involvement in scientific associations and committees. He has served in various leadership roles, including President of the Maghreb-Alexander von Humboldt Alumni Association and Vice President of the same association. Additionally, Atomic Molecular.his role as President of the commission of theses and habilitation of physics at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax underscores his commitment to fostering academic excellence and professional development among his peers and students.


As Dr. Ellouze's career continues to evolve, his legacy as a dedicated researcher and educator is firmly established. His contributions to the understanding of magnetic materials and solid-state physics will undoubtedly shape future advancements in the field. With a keen interest in medical image processing, Atomic Molecular. he remains poised to explore interdisciplinary avenues and drive innovation in scientific research. Dr. Ellouze's legacy serves as an inspiration for aspiring scientists and underscores the importance of curiosity, perseverance, and academic rigor in pushing the boundaries of knowledge.






Md Tanvir Ehsan Amin | Atomic Molecular | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Md Tanvir Ehsan Amin | Atomic Molecular | Best Researcher Award

Curtin University | Australia

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Md. Tanvir Ehsan Amin's early academic pursuits reflect a strong foundation in science, highlighted by his outstanding performance in both the Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) and Higher School Certificate Examination (H.S.C.) in Bangladesh. His educational journey commenced with a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh, where he delved into the realms of civil and environmental engineering. Further academic achievements include a Master's in Civil Engineering from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Malaysia, where he demonstrated exceptional academic prowess with a CGPA of 4.00 out of 4.00.

Professional Endeavors:

In his capacity as a Senior Lecturer at the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT), Dhaka, Bangladesh, Md. Tanvir Ehsan Amin played a crucial role in shaping the academic experiences of undergraduate students. His responsibilities extended to teaching theory and lab classes, supervising thesis and internee students, and conducting research on concrete development. Currently serving as a Casual Academic at Curtin University, Perth, Australia, he contributes to tutorial classes on Engineering Mechanics and demonstrates lab workshops on Engineering Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics.

Research Focus:

Md. Tanvir Ehsan Amin's research pursuits, notably as a Graduate Research Assistant at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Malaysia, focused on team projects related to beam strengthening. His research activities centered on exploring optimal methods for strengthening Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures to eliminate premature debonding failure. The thorough analysis of data and preparation of reports showcase his commitment to advancing knowledge in structural engineering.

Accolades and Recognition:

While specific accolades and recognition details are not explicitly provided, Md. Tanvir Ehsan Amin's academic excellence, evidenced by a perfect CGPA during his master's studies, suggests a high level of recognition for his dedication and achievements in the academic realm.

Impact and Influence:

Md. Tanvir Ehsan Amin's impact is evident in his role as a Senior Lecturer, where he significantly contributed to the academic and research development of undergraduate students. As a Casual Academic at Curtin University, his influence extends to tutorial classes and lab workshops, contributing to the education of future engineers.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Md. Tanvir Ehsan Amin's legacy is shaped by his contributions to academia, particularly in the field of civil engineering. His ongoing Ph.D. research at Curtin University, focusing on the durability study of concrete containing lithium slag, positions him as a contributor to advancements in sustainable construction materials. His future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the understanding and application of concrete technology in the construction industry.

Notable Publication:

Transport properties of concrete containing lithium slag  16 February 2024

Hybrid Anchor System to Eliminate End Peeling of Flexurally Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beam  April 2015

Experimental and Numerical Comparative Study on RC Beam Flexurally Strengthened with CFRP Laminate  June 2023