Dr. Diango MOntalvan | Nuclear | Best Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits

Diango Manuel Montalván Olivares embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Physics from the Faculty of Sciences and Nuclear Technology (FCTN) at the Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences (InSTEC) in Havana, Cuba. Subsequently, he pursued a Master's degree in Physics and later completed his Doctorate in Environmental Sciences through the Postgraduate Program in Regional Development and Environment (PRODEMA) at the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC) in Brazil.

Professional Endeavors

Throughout his career, Diango has held various positions contributing to the field of Nuclear Physics. He served as a Trainee Researcher at the Department of Neuroimaging, Cuban Neuroscience Center (CNEURO), and later worked as a Staff member at the Center of Science and Technology of Radiation (CPqCTR) at the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC). Currently, he holds the position of Fellowship Researcher at the Department of Physics, University of Turin (UNITO), Italy.

Contributions and Research Focus

Diango's research primarily revolves around nuclear physics, environmental analysis, and radiation protection. His work includes quantification of radionuclides, radiological studies in uranium-enriched areas, and laboratory tasks related to gamma-ray spectrometry. He has also conducted research in neuroimaging techniques and EEG signal analysis.

Impact and Influence

His teaching experience, particularly in subjects related to nuclear physics and radiological protection, has helped disseminate knowledge and train future professionals in these fields. Diango's work in environmental sciences and medical physics showcases his interdisciplinary approach to research.

Academic Cites

Throughout his academic and professional career, Diango has attended numerous courses and seminars, enhancing his expertise in areas such as environmental analysis techniques, radiation protection, and MATLAB programming. He has actively participated in scientific meetings, workshops, and events, further contributing to the academic discourse.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Diango's commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for science and education, positions him as a promising figure in the field of nuclear physics and environmental sciences. His dedication to continuous learning and his willingness to tackle challenges highlight his potential for making significant contributions to his field in the future.


Diango's expertise in nuclear physics is evident through his academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and contributions to research in areas such as environmental analysis, radiation protection, and gamma-ray spectrometry. His legacy in nuclear physics is poised to continue through his ongoing research and future contributions to the field.


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Diango MOntalvan | Nuclear | Best Researcher Award

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