Assoc Prof Dr. Humaira Yasmin | Fluid Mechanics | Best Researcher Award

King Faisal University | Saudi Arabia

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Early Academic Pursuits 

Humaira Yasmin's early academic pursuits laid the foundation for her scholarly journey. As the specifics of her early academic history are not provided, it is advisable to refer to official university sources for comprehensive details on her educational background.

Professional Endeavors

Currently associated with King Faisal University, Humaira Yasmin has dedicated her professional career to academia. The roles and responsibilities she has undertaken in the academic realm contribute to her overall professional profile.

Contributions and Research Focus

While the specific details of Humaira Yasmin's contributions and research focus are not provided, being associated with King Faisal University suggests an active engagement in academic and potentially research-oriented activities. Her impact in terms of publications, projects, or other academic contributions would be essential to understanding her research focus.

Accolades and Recognition

Without detailed information, it's challenging to highlight specific accolades or recognition received by Humaira Yasmin. Recognition in academia often comes through research publications, awards, or noteworthy contributions to the field.

Impact and Influence

Humaira Yasmin's impact and influence can be gauged by her roles within the academic institution, potential mentorship activities, and involvement in research projects. The extent of her influence on students and colleagues contributes to her professional legacy.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Humaira Yasmin's legacy and future contributions depend on her continued engagement in academia and research. If she has made significant strides in her field, her legacy might include contributions to knowledge, successful mentorship, and advancements in her academic discipline. Future contributions could involve expanding research endeavors, taking on leadership roles, and further enhancing the academic environment.

For a more comprehensive understanding of Humaira Yasmin's career, contributions, and impact, it is recommended to explore official university profiles, academic publications, and any available news or press releases related to her professional journey at King Faisal University.

Notable Publication

Peristaltic transport of nanofluid in a compliant wall channel with convective conditions and thermal radiation 2016 (110)

Simultaneous effects of slip and wall properties on MHD peristaltic motion of nanofluid with Joule heating  2015 (93

Simultaneous effects of convective conditions and nanoparticles on peristaltic motion  2014 (78)

Soret and Dufour effects in peristaltic transport of physiological fluids with chemical reaction: A mathematical analysis 2014 (69)

Effect of Hall and ion-slip on the peristaltic transport of nanofluid: A biomedical application 2019 (56)

Assoc Prof Dr. Humaira Yasmin | Fluid Mechanics | Best Researcher Award

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