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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Ana-Maria Bratu embarked on her academic journey at the University of Bucharest, where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Physics. Her studies focused on the electrotransformation of microorganisms, laying the foundation for her future research endeavors. Subsequently, she pursued postgraduate studies at the same university, earning a Master of Science in Biophysics and Medical Physics. During this period, she conducted research on laser photoacoustic instruments for measuring biological markers. Her early academic pursuits provided her with a strong background in physics and spectroscopy, essential for her future contributions to the field.

Professional Endeavors:

Following her postgraduate studies, Dr. Bratu joined the National Institute for Laser Plasma and Radiation Physics (NILPRP) as a Research Assistant in 2005, marking the beginning of her professional career. Over the years, she progressed through various positions within the institute, including roles as a Scientific Researcher and Project Manager. Her tenure at NILPRP has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence in laser technologies and spectroscopy, with a particular emphasis on applications in medicine, biology, and environmental science.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Throughout her career, Dr. Bratu has made significant contributions to the field of spectroscopy, particularly in the areas of photoacoustics and laser-matter interactions. Her research activities have encompassed a wide range of topics, including the development of infrared laser gas detection systems and the application of laser photoacoustic spectroscopy for real-time detection of trace gases at low concentrations. She has also played a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of modern high-impact applications of spectroscopy in fields such as food quality assessment, breath analysis, and environmental monitoring.

Impact and Influence:

Dr. Bratu's work has had a profound impact on the scientific community, as evidenced by her extensive publication record and numerous presentations at national and international conferences. Her expertise in networking and experimental design has enabled her to establish collaborations and demonstrate optical systems for the real-time detection of various gaseous molecules under laboratory conditions. Her contributions have not only advanced the frontiers of spectroscopy but have also paved the way for novel applications in medicine, biology, and environmental science.

Academic Cites:

Dr. Bratu's research has been widely cited in the academic literature, reflecting the significance and relevance of her work to the scientific community. Her publications have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in spectroscopy and have served as a source of inspiration for researchers working in related fields. The impact of her research extends beyond the boundaries of academia, with implications for technological innovation and societal benefit.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As Dr. Bratu continues to pursue her research endeavors, her legacy as a leading figure in the field of spectroscopy is assured. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her passion for advancing scientific knowledge, ensures that her contributions will endure for years to come. Looking ahead, Dr. Bratu remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of spectroscopy and harnessing its potential for addressing pressing challenges in medicine, biology, and environmental science. Her future contributions promise to be as impactful and transformative as her past achievements.


Dr. Ana-Maria Bratu's expertise in spectroscopy, particularly laser photoacoustic spectroscopy, has been instrumental in advancing research in various fields, including medicine, biology, environmental science, and technology. Her multidisciplinary approach and innovative contributions have solidified her reputation as a leading figure in spectroscopic research, with a profound impact on both academia and industry.

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Ana Bratu | Spectroscopy | Best Researcher Award

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