Dr. Xiaowen Ruan | Artificial Photosynthesis | Best Researcher Award 

City University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong



Dr. Xiaowen Ruan’s academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Jilin Normal University, completed in 2016. She then pursued a Master’s degree at the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu University, where she graduated in 2020. Her early focus on chemistry laid a solid foundation for her future research in nanomaterials and Artificial Photosynthesis. Dr. Ruan further advanced her expertise by completing her Ph.D. in Materials Physics and Chemistry at Jilin University in 2023, under the supervision of Prof. Xiaoqiang Cui. Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the College of Energy and Environment Science, City University of Hong Kong, working with Prof. Sai Kishore Ravi.


Throughout her academic career, Dr. Ruan has participated in several significant research projects. Notably, she has contributed to the National Key Research Program of China in Nanotechnology, focusing on controlled strain-induced nanostructure-processing methods. Additionally, she has been involved in the National Natural Science Fund project, which centers on the design, preparation, and application of single atom catalytic materials based on two-dimensional materials. Her work on the interface regulation of 2D-2D BP/MPS3 composites and their photocatalytic performance for hydrogen production from water decomposition is particularly noteworthy in advancing the field of Artificial Photosynthesis.


Dr. Ruan's research primarily focuses on the development of nanomaterials and photocatalytic systems aimed at sustainable energy solutions. Her key areas of interest include the rational design of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reactions (HER), photocatalytic degradation of various organic pollutants, and photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction reactions (CO2RR) under ambient conditions. These research endeavors are crucial for the advancement of Artificial Photosynthesis, which aims to mimic natural photosynthesis processes to produce renewable energy.


Dr. Ruan’s research has had a significant impact on the field of nanomaterials and sustainable energy. Her innovative approaches to photocatalytic systems have the potential to revolutionize energy production and environmental remediation. The patents and numerous awards she has received, including the Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Jilin University (2023) and the National Scholarship for Graduate Students (2022), highlight her contributions and the recognition she has garnered within the scientific community.


Dr. Ruan’s work is widely cited in the academic community, reflecting its importance and influence. Her research papers and patents on Artificial Photosynthesis and related technologies are frequently referenced by other researchers in the field, indicating the significance of her contributions to scientific advancements in sustainable energy.


Dr. Xiaowen Ruan’s legacy in the field of Artificial Photosynthesis and nanomaterials is characterized by her dedication to innovative research and her significant contributions to sustainable energy solutions. As she continues her postdoctoral research at the City University of Hong Kong, she is expected to further her contributions to the development of advanced photocatalytic systems. Her future work promises to enhance our understanding of photocatalysis and its applications in renewable energy and environmental protection, ensuring a lasting impact on the field.


Dr. Ruan's personal competence in both professional skills and English communication has enabled him to effectively disseminate his research findings and collaborate internationally. His strong analytical abilities and proficiency with advanced scientific instruments have been instrumental in his research endeavors. As a project participant in several national research initiatives, Dr. Ruan has played a crucial role in the design, preparation, and application of catalytic materials, further contributing to the advancement of Artificial Photosynthesis. His future work is anticipated to continue addressing key challenges in sustainable energy, reinforcing his position as a pivotal figure in this critical field.


Xiaowen Ruan | Artificial Photosynthesis | Best Researcher Award

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