Prof. Tianlei Zhang | Physical chemistry | Best Researcher Award 

Shaanxi University of Technology | China



Prof. Tianlei Zhang graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in June 2013, majoring in physical chemistry. During his early academic career, he demonstrated a strong foundation in the principles of physical chemistry, which set the stage for his later research endeavors. His rigorous academic training equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle complex problems in the field of atmospheric chemistry and microdynamic mechanisms.


Throughout his professional career, Prof. Zhang has been involved in several high-profile research projects. He has been the recipient of one youth project (21603132) and one upper-level project (22073059) from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Additionally, he secured a project (2019JM-336) from the Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province and an industrial development project from the Department of Education of Shaanxi Province. His professional work focuses on the atmospheric behavior of chemical species, the interactions at the air-water interface, and the nucleation of reaction products, which are central themes in physical chemistry.


Prof. Zhang's research employs a theoretical approach that combines quantum chemistry and first-principles molecular dynamics simulation. This methodology has been pivotal in simulating the physicochemical microreaction mechanisms and kinetics-related properties of Criegee intermediates and nitrogen/sulfur oxides in both the gas phase and at the air-water interface. His studies reveal how water molecules and acid/base molecules influence these microreaction mechanisms, providing insights into longstanding scientific questions. This research is significant in the field of physical chemistry, particularly in understanding the fundamental processes that occur in atmospheric chemistry.


In the past five years, Prof. Zhang has published 25 SCI research papers in mainstream journals as the first or corresponding author, including one top-tier SCI Region I paper and 16 SCI Region II papers. His work has contributed significantly to the understanding of microdynamic mechanisms and chemical processes at the molecular level. The impact of his research is reflected in the numerous citations and recognition he has received from the scientific community. His findings have advanced the field of physical chemistry and provided a deeper understanding of atmospheric chemical processes.


Prof. Zhang's extensive publication record and the high citation rate of his papers underscore the influence of his research in the scientific community. His studies on the involvement of water molecules and acid/base molecules in microreaction mechanisms have been widely cited, highlighting their importance in resolving complex chemical interactions in atmospheric systems. These contributions are a testament to his expertise and the value of his work in physical chemistry.


Looking forward, Prof. Zhang aims to continue his research on the microdynamic mechanisms of atmospheric chemical reactions. His future work will likely delve deeper into the interactions at the air-water interface and the role of various molecules in these processes. Through his innovative approaches and dedication to uncovering fundamental chemical processes, Prof. Zhang is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the field of physical chemistry, contributing to advancements in environmental chemistry and molecular dynamics.


Prof. Zhang's research revolves around key concepts in physical chemistry such as atmospheric behavior, air-water interface interactions, product nucleation, chemical processes, and microdynamic mechanisms. These keywords encapsulate the essence of his work and highlight the interdisciplinary nature of his research, bridging the gap between theoretical studies and practical applications in atmospheric chemistry.


Tianlei Zhang | Physical chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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