Dr. Thomas Odey Magu | Renewable energy | Lifetime achievement Award 

University of Florida | United States 



Dr. Thomas Odey Magu's academic journey began at Christ the King Primary School, Okpoma-Yala, where he earned his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) from 1996 to 2002. He then attended Government Secondary School, Okpoma-Yala, and completed his Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in 2008. Dr. Magu pursued his undergraduate studies at Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), Calabar, Nigeria, where he earned his B.Sc. in Chemistry in 2012. His undergraduate project focused on the proximate and mineral composition of Cnidoscolus carumbium (Hospital far). Dr. Magu furthered his education with an M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Calabar, Nigeria, from 2015 to 2017, with a thesis on producing biodiesel from Jatropha curcas seeds oil using CoMgFe2O4 and MgFe2O4 as nanocatalysts. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Florida, focusing on the synthesis, characterization, and Density Functional Theory (DFT) study of catalysts for wastewater treatment and Renewable Energy applications.


Dr. Magu's professional experience includes serving as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Florida from August to December 2022. His responsibilities included leading discussion sections, proctoring exams, grading assignments, and maintaining safety standards. He has also acquired various research and analytical skills at the University of Florida and the Institute of Chemistry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. These skills include basic knowledge of SEM, NMR, GC-MS, and X-ray diffractometer, as well as proficiency in computational software such as Gaussian, Avogadro, Quantum Espresso, ChemDraw, and more.


Dr. Magu's research interests lie in heterogeneous catalysis and surface science, computational/theoretical chemistry, and Renewable Energy. His Ph.D. project focuses on the synthesis and characterization of catalysts for wastewater treatment and Renewable Energy applications, utilizing Density Functional Theory (DFT) to study these catalysts. His work on the production of biodiesel from Jatropha curcas seeds oil using nanocatalysts during his M.Sc. highlights his dedication to developing sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, he has worked on projects involving the synthesis of bio-surfactant and organic compounds templated noble metal nanoparticles for biological and chemical applications.


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Dr. Magu's influence extends beyond his research, evidenced by his participation in numerous professional activities and conferences. He has received several grants and awards, including the American Chemical Society's grant for the University of Florida Graduate Student Organization (GSO) chapter start-up, the Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award from the University of Calabar, and multiple research grants from the Royal Society of Chemistry. His dedication to Renewable Energy and sustainable practices has been recognized through these accolades, reflecting his impact on the academic and scientific communities.


Dr. Magu's work has been cited in various academic publications, underscoring the significance of his contributions to the field of chemistry. His expertise in instrumental techniques and computational software has enabled him to produce high-quality research that addresses critical issues in energy, environment, and sustainability. His research on catalysts for wastewater treatment and Renewable Energy applications has been particularly impactful, offering innovative solutions for sustainable development.


Dr. Thomas Odey Magu's legacy in the field of chemistry is marked by his commitment to advancing Renewable Energy technologies and sustainable practices. His ongoing research at the University of Florida aims to develop efficient catalysts for environmental and energy applications, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change and promote sustainability. As he continues to explore new frontiers in catalysis and computational chemistry, Dr. Magu's work will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the scientific community and inspire future generations of researchers to pursue innovative solutions for a sustainable future.


Thomas Odey Magu | Renewable energy | Lifetime achievement Award

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