Mrs. Thainna Waldburger | Agriculture | Best Researcher Award 

Agroscope/ETH | Switzerland 



Mrs. Thainná Cardoso Moreira Waldburger's academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from the University for Technology and Science FTC Itabuna, Brazil, from 2007 to 2011. Her bachelor thesis focused on the environmental threats in the Itacanoeira River Basin in Ilhéus, Brazil. She then pursued a Master’s degree, funded by a prestigious scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service, where she developed a Geopolitical Development Plan for the Coastal Plains of Marau and Camamu, Brazil.


Thainná has extensive experience as an environmental consultant in Brazil, working with various consulting firms such as Engineering Environmental Consulting Econamfi Ltda and Atlântica Ltda from 2012 to 2015. Her work involved processing zone plans, independent stocktaking of forest areas, and utilizing GIS for spatial planning. In 2016, she joined Agroscope in Switzerland, where she has been actively involved in research projects, focusing on Agriculture, smart farming, soil management, and precision farming.


Mrs. Waldburger’s contributions to Agriculture are significant, particularly in smart farming and precision Agriculture. At Agroscope, she has worked on several process-engineering projects using dendrometer sensor data and GIS analysis. Her PhD research at ETH Zürich, supervised by Professor Dr. Achim Walter and Dr. Thomas Anken, focuses on using dendrometer sensors to establish water requirements in apple crops and understand phenological processes in cocoa under semi-arid conditions. Her work aims to improve sustainable intensification of agricultural cropping systems.


Thainná’s impact in the field of Agriculture is evident through her involvement in significant projects such as the Innosuisse-Project "Sustainable Intensification of Agricultural Cropping Systems Supported by Smart Swiss ICT-AGRI Solutions," in collaboration with Nestlé, Syngenta, CSEM, and Agroscope. She played a crucial role in data collection, field logistics, and drone tests for spray drone approval. Her research and practical applications in smart farming techniques have influenced sustainable farming practices and contributed to the advancement of precision Agriculture.


Mrs. Waldburger’s scholarly work is recognized and cited in the field of Agriculture and environmental consulting. Her involvement in numerous seminars, conferences, and courses such as the II Congress of Landscape Ecology and the Geoprocessing Course has positioned her as a knowledgeable expert. She has also contributed to the academic community through her presentations and participation in various environmental councils and engineering forums.


Thainná Cardoso Moreira Waldburger’s legacy in Agriculture is marked by her dedication to integrating technology with sustainable farming practices. Her future contributions are expected to further enhance the precision and sustainability of agricultural systems, particularly through the innovative use of dendrometer sensors and smart farming techniques. Her ongoing research at ETH Zürich and Agroscope will continue to influence the field, providing valuable insights into plant phenology and water management in Agriculture.


Thainná's expertise in Agriculture is showcased through her innovative research and practical applications in smart farming and precision Agriculture. Her work with dendrometer sensors to determine plant water requirements and her involvement in sustainable intensification projects highlight her commitment to advancing agricultural technologies. Her contributions are vital to the future of sustainable and efficient farming practices, ensuring that her impact on the field of Agriculture will be long-lasting and significant.


Thainna Waldburger | Agriculture | Best Researcher Award 

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