Dr. Sharmistha Rakshit | Thermodynamics | Best Researcher Award 

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Dr. Sharmistha Rakshit began her academic journey with a strong foundation in mathematics. She completed her B.Sc in Mathematics from Bankura Sammilani College under the University of Burdwan in 2013, securing 67.5%. She then pursued her M.Sc in Mathematics & Computing at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, graduating in 2016 with an impressive 9.38 CGPA out of 10. Currently, she is finalizing her Doctor of Philosophy at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kalyani, where her research continues to advance the field of applied mathematics.


Dr. Rakshit has garnered significant teaching experience, starting as a Guest Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Shri Shikshayatan College from July 2017 to 2019. She also served as a Guest Lecturer in the Department of Commerce (Morning) at the same college from July 2018 to 2019. In July 2023, she took on the role of Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Brainware University, where she continues to contribute to academia.


Dr. Rakshit's research primarily focuses on wave propagation in various media, including porous piezoelectric composites and thermo-piezoelectric half-spaces. Her notable projects include working as a DST Project Fellow on the DST-SERB sponsored project titled “Investigate on the behavior of elastic waves propagation in double porous and porous-piezoelectric media.” She has presented papers at several prestigious conferences, including the 86th Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society and the 66th Congress of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Her research often intersects with thermodynamics, exploring the influence of wave characteristics in various materials.


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Dr. Rakshit has significantly impacted her field through her participation in international and national conferences. Her research on the propagation of surface waves in thermo-piezoelectric half-spaces and other related topics has been well-received, as evidenced by her presentations at conferences such as the Computational Methods in Science and Engineering (CMSE-2022). Her work contributes to a deeper understanding of thermodynamics and its application in mathematical models and wave propagation studies.


Dr. Rakshit's contributions have been recognized through various academic citations, reflecting the significance of her research in applied mathematics and thermodynamics. Her participation in and presentations at conferences have positioned her as an emerging voice in her field, with her work cited by peers and academics exploring similar areas of research.


Looking ahead, Dr. Rakshit aims to continue her research in thermodynamics and wave propagation, focusing on advancing the understanding and application of these concepts in mathematics and engineering. Her future contributions are expected to further solidify her standing in the academic community, inspiring students and fostering innovative research. Her commitment to teaching and mentoring will undoubtedly shape the next generation of mathematicians and engineers.


Throughout her career, Dr. Rakshit has emphasized the study of thermodynamics in her research. This keyword encapsulates her focus on the behavior and propagation of waves in various media, which is central to her academic pursuits. Her exploration of thermodynamics continues to drive her research and teaching, ensuring she remains at the forefront of advancements in applied mathematics.


Sharmistha Rakshit | Thermodynamics | Best Researcher Award

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