Assoc Prof Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda | Quantum Materials | Best Researcher Award 

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He completed his B.Tech from the National Institute of Science and Technology, BPUT Odisha, in 2010, with a CGPA of 7.45. His pursuit of higher education led him to IIT Kharagpur, where he obtained an M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (VLSI) in 2014, with a CGPA of 8.14. He further specialized in the field, earning a Ph.D. in “Compact Model Development of E-mode GaN MOS-HEMT for RF Front End Receiver” from NIT Silchar in 2018, with a CGPA of 8.75 in coursework. His early academic focus laid a robust groundwork for his future research in quantum materials and their applications in VLSI design.


Dr. Panda has an extensive teaching career, currently serving as an Associate Professor at Amrita Viswa Vidya Peetham, Amaravati Campus, since July 2023. Prior to this, he was an Associate Professor at VIT-AP University, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, from November 2018 to June 2023. His earlier positions include Assistant Professor roles at VIT-AP University and National Institute of Science and Technology, Brahmapur, Odisha. His teaching expertise covers a wide range of subjects, including Digital VLSI Design, Analog and Digital Electronics Circuit, HDL Verification Methodology, and more. He is also proficient in various VLSI EDA tools and programming languages, enhancing his capability to teach and guide students in complex technical domains.


Dr. Panda's research interests are deeply rooted in the development of compact models for quantum materials like GaN HEMT for RFIC design. His notable projects include the Ph.D. work on “Compact Model Development of E-mode GaN HEMT for RF Front End Applications” and his M.Tech project on “Design and Simulation of SiGe-HBTs.” He has also worked on the design and simulation of SONOS memory during his B.Tech. His research contributions are instrumental in advancing the understanding and application of quantum materials in electronic devices, particularly in the realm of VLSI design and RF front end applications.


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Dr. Panda's work in quantum materials has had a significant impact on the academic and research community. His innovative approaches and successful execution of projects have garnered him research grants, including 8 Lakhs from Cadence Design for "Compact Model Development of GaN HEMT for RFIC Design" and 2 Lakhs from VIT-AP University. He has also guided several Ph.D. students to completion, contributing to the next generation of researchers in this field. His role as a Research Coordinator at Amrita Viswa Vidya Peetham and his involvement in organizing IEEE conferences highlight his influence and leadership in the academic community.


Dr. Panda's research work has been cited extensively, reflecting the significance of his contributions to the field of quantum materials and VLSI design. His participation in industry-oriented VLSI and Cadence training courses, along with his experience in designing UMC 180 nm ICs in collaboration with Sankalp Semiconductor, underscores his practical expertise and industry relevance. His administrative roles, including serving as the MOOC Coordinator and SPOC for the SWAYAM NPTEL Local Chapter at VIT-AP University, further demonstrate his commitment to enhancing academic programs and resources.


Dr. Panda aims to continue his pioneering research in quantum materials, focusing on developing advanced models and applications in VLSI and RFIC design. His future contributions are expected to drive innovation in electronic engineering, particularly in the integration of quantum materials into mainstream technology. His dedication to teaching, mentorship, and research excellence will leave a lasting legacy, inspiring students and researchers to explore new frontiers in electronics and communication engineering. Dr. Panda's career objective of associating with dynamic institutions aligns with his ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and academic excellence.


Throughout his career, Dr. Panda has consistently focused on the study and application of quantum materials. His research efforts in this area aim to explore and develop innovative solutions that advance technology and industry. The keyword quantum materials encapsulates the core of his research focus, emphasizing the interdisciplinary and transformative nature of his work. His expertise in quantum materials continues to pave the way for new discoveries and technological advancements.


Deepak Kumar Panda | Quantum Materials | Best Researcher Award 

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