Mr. Agustín Sanchez - Arcilla | Coastal engineering | Best Researcher Award 

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya | Spain



Mr. Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla began his academic journey with a strong foundation in Civil Engineering at the UPC School of Civil Engineering in Barcelona, Spain. His undergraduate studies were distinguished by a focus on core civil engineering principles, including the analysis and design of infrastructure systems. Agustín's academic pursuits continued as he earned a Master of Engineering (Meng) in Civil Engineering, where he engaged in a broad range of topics including Coastal Engineering through an exchange program at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in Denmark. This formative experience laid the groundwork for his future research and professional endeavors in Coastal Engineering and financial analysis.


Mr.  Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla’s professional career showcases a blend of expertise in Civil Engineering and finance. His role as a Manager of Business Analysis at Mastercard involves overseeing strategic initiatives related to the Real-Time Payments (RTP) space. He handles large financial datasets, develops new partnerships, and coordinates global teams, demonstrating his skills in both finance and strategic planning. Prior to this, Agustín worked as a Senior Analyst Business Operations where he managed operations across international markets, developed new KPIs frameworks, and worked on strategic projects to enhance the payments ecosystem. His role as an Associate Analyst involved developing financial models for major fintech clients and commercial proposal development. His experience also includes a Civil Engineering position at SENER Engineering Group where he led CAPEX development for large-scale projects, showcasing his expertise in Coastal Engineering and construction management.


Mr.  Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla’s research and professional work have significantly contributed to the field of Coastal Engineering and financial analysis. His work at DHI Group Sealand involved Maritime Engineering Research focusing on sediment spill analysis for the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project. This research required advanced numerical modeling to address coastal and estuarine environmental challenges. Additionally, his development of a new multidimensional cost estimation method for a commercial port project exemplifies his innovative approach to Coastal Engineering and construction management. His current PhD research explores the intersection of Civil Engineering and finance, aiming to develop new methodologies and frameworks that advance both fields.


Mr.Agustín’s work in Coastal Engineering and finance has had a notable impact on both industries. His contributions to strategic projects at Mastercard and his innovative approaches in Civil Engineering have influenced the development of new financial models and cost estimation methods. His research has been recognized with awards such as the 2020 De Paepe-Willems 2nd Award and the 2019 “Premio Modesto Vigueras” 3rd Award, underscoring the significance of his contributions. Agustín’s influence extends through his work with international teams and his role in developing effective solutions for complex engineering problems, reflecting his ability to bridge the gap between Coastal Engineering research and practical applications.


Mr.Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla’s academic and professional work has been cited in various contexts related to Coastal Engineering and financial analysis. His research on sediment spill and numerical modeling has been referenced in academic literature and has contributed to the field's understanding of coastal environmental impacts. His work on financial models and business analysis has also been recognized in industry publications, highlighting the relevance of his contributions to both Coastal Engineering and finance.


Mr.  Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla’s legacy is characterized by his innovative contributions to Coastal Engineering and finance. His current PhD research is set to further explore the integration of Civil Engineering principles with financial strategies, paving the way for future advancements in both fields. His work promises to continue shaping the future of Coastal Engineering, with potential applications in infrastructure development, environmental management, and strategic financial planning. Agustín’s dedication to excellence and innovation positions him as a leader who will influence future generations of engineers and financial analysts.


Coastal Engineering has been a central theme throughout Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla’s career. His early academic work provided a strong foundation in this field, which he further developed through research at DHI Group Sealand and his role in managing large-scale civil engineering projects. His innovative approaches to Coastal Engineering challenges, such as sediment spill analysis and cost estimation methodologies, demonstrate his expertise and impact in the field. As he continues his professional journey, Agustín’s contributions to Coastal Engineering will likely expand, offering new solutions and advancing the state of knowledge in this important area.


Agustín Sanchez – Arcilla | Coastal engineering | Best Researcher Award 

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